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  1. Yep, that's what I've suggested, Boyds rock!
  2. Which brass are you using usually Steel? Been trying to find some decent quality but it's either out of stock lately or overpriced as hell.
  3. This makes no sense 😰 And if you still worried about stock and furniture - look up Boyds ones. Pretty decent stocks in my experience. PSA AK's are miles better than stuff like Century(excluding their exported ones), and Century been making AKs for a while now. Kinda impressive how quick PSA got good at making those
  4. Yeah, I had same problem. Ended up just getting custom made redwood furniture and stock. PSAK is definitely worth to get for that money! Palmetto makes decent quality AKs, some of my friends have those. I went with K-USA - was decent middle of the pack AK, nothing spectacular(not like you getting AK for some flashy stuff after all).
  5. Pretty cool design! No 7.62 x39 though? I guess you are not a fan of AKs from the looks of it 😄 Got myself an Arsenal's Ak-74 in 7.62x39 from https://gritrsports.com/shooting/firearms/rifles/7-62x39-rifles/ , so much fun to shoot. Ammo been kinda a struggle though since I'm not a fan of ordering online Really cool man cave you got there!
  6. Ayo, huge thanks! Saved the links and gonna watch 'em tomorrow! 😄
  7. I've been using Rapala and Russels, but honestly, as long as you keep the edge sharp, any fillet knife should work just fine. It's a question of how long those gonna keep edge compared to alternatives
  8. Hello folks, did anyone have experience with Lake Texoma in TX? Some folks I've used to study with invited me for a weekend to fish there. Been wondering since my folks invited me for a weekend to fish there, I've read it's pretty good for bass from https://blog.gritroutdoors.com/top-7-places-for-fishing-in-texas/
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