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  1. Sidetracked prepping the jon boat for lake fishing... Finally made it to the local lake to run the 2.5hp Suzuki Outboard. So far so good!
  2. BFS Fishing | More Micro Crankbaits More fishing with the Dual BFS Micro Fly Rod. Fished micro crankbaits - Rebel Crawdad, Walmart Minnow, and a Rapala Husky Jerk. Was a tough go with the Rebel Crawdad's barbless hook and keeping the fish on the hook. Did get several with the minnow crankbaits!
  3. Jon Boat Upgrade | Clamp on Seat and DIY Tool A quick upgrade to the old jon boat... seat clamps, padded seat, and a diy tool to tighten the bolts easier. Really comfortable, plus can move it from the bow to stern seat easily!
  4. BFS Fishing | Micro Crankbaits for Bass Midweek was able to go pond fishing for Bass. Fished with the Dual BFS Micro Flyrod and the Kastking Zephyr BFS reel. Left the fly reel in my jacket, but was ready to swap reels and go fly fishing if needed! Tried a Rebel Barbless Crawdad and had several strikes before finally landing one. Switched to a minnow lure we bought at Walmart for less than $2 and caught several more Bass Fun stuff BFS fishing with light lures!
  5. Fly Fishing: Quality Fly Line and a Bamboo Stake Pole? The other day decided to demo casting a quality fly line using a bamboo stake pole normally used for gardeners to support tomato plants. This round, fished a local pond and caught a fish or two using the bamboo stake pole as a fly rod, weight forward floating 6 weight fly line, and a Near Deere fishing fly. Fun stuff!
  6. Fly Fishing Tips from the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing | iFishNews Fishing Podcast 38 Number 19 in the "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" podcast series where I review fly fishing tips in parallel to the current Winter Trout Stocking Season in our area. This week it's tips 82 through 87! Tip 82: That Vision Thing Tip 83: Timing the Rise Tip 84: Be a Sneak Tip 85: Off Broadway Tip 86: Downstream and Dirty Tip 87: How Dry am I?
  7. Getting Started Fly Fishing | Casting Quality Fly Line with a Bamboo Stake...? That time of year when fishing questions start coming in. This one relates to getting started in fly fishing - specifically, our thoughts on budgeting for a fly rod/reel combo. In this video, the introduction has a past video playing in the background... yours truly is casting a OPST Commando Head and no rod or reel at the local pond. It's a quality line that makes for some nice casting especially when our backcast is clobbered. Then, I describe a fly line that I will demo casting using a bamboo stake like the ones used to support tomato plants in a garden. If a quality fly line can be cast using a stiff bamboo stake, then a good fly rod should easily cast the same fly line. PS: Our suggestion has remained constant over the years... in general, we like to first purchase a quality fly line, then will buy the fly rod, and then either buy the reel last or repurpose one we already have. That is, unless we are planning to use the new fly rod/reel combo for larger fish that require a good drag for fighting on the reel, then we will buy the reel before the rod or repurpose a rod we already have.
  8. Pond Fishing | Quick Switch from BFS Rod to Micro Flyrod Planned to fish Bait Finesse System with the Kastking Zephyr Reel, but it Bass were not cooperating. Switched to the Micro Fly Rod and mounted the Echo Ion 2/3wt Fly Reel in short order. No worries managed a couple of Bass to keep from striking out!
  9. Thanks mikechell! Will keep it in mind for future videos.
  10. Fly Fishing for Bass | MaxCatch 2wt Discount Switch Rod Still Works.... Fishing updates and related activities from the Team! Fished the local pond for Bass. Decided on fly fishing gear instead of BFS. Recalled past trips where I fished the flats at Bethany, no luck there and lost my foam spider. Luckily, did remember a Near Deere worked well on Bass in the Main pond. Tied on a Rubber Legged Near Deere and caught several Bass, most were larger than the Bass caught earlier in the week!
  11. Micro Fly Rod and Reels | More Details On the DIY Micro Fishing Setups Longer than normal video to answer the mail concerning more information related to the Micro Fly Rods we have been using, their fly reels and lines used. Do check it out; got lots of info to step through!
  12. Looks like the Yozuri Snapbean works on Bass... light 1/16oz crankbait that "wobbles" nicely!
  13. Pond Fishing with the Dual DIY BFS Micro Fly Rod | Kastking Zephyr BFS Reel and a Rapala Husky Jerk Works for Little Bass! Out and about yesterday trying for Bass using the Cedar Plank Lure. Temps still too cool for a consistent top water bite. But, all was well BFS fishing a Rapala Husky Jerk for little bass! Key retrieve was to use a jerky action and pause waiting for strikes on the pause or shortly after resuming the retrieve again!
  14. YouTube #shorts | DIY Cedar Popper | BFS Lure YouTube Shorts video of a quick trip to the local pond testing the DIY Cedar Popper made using cedar fence planking. Quick build and a quick paint job for a quick trip to test the popper. Had one Bass take the lure, but missed the hookset. Do check back as we try to catch a fish with this BFS lure - weighs 1/10oz!
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