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  1. Let's Talk Fishing rebroadcast. Had issues with the stream loading onto YouTube. Lot's of info; check it out! https://youtube.com/live/JQPcoE9DzoA
  2. Posted a NEW and Improved version of our popular post about the Real Time Release at Denison Dam. Check out the MOP! What is the Waterflow...?
  3. We organized our online articles for ease of reference! Check them out when you get a break in the action during this warm weather fishing season. See more at Online Articles.
  4. Fun time at TRWD Fly Fest yesterday. Posted a series of mobile livestreams while we were there. Do check them out when you get a chance! TRWD Flyfest Mobile Fishing Livestream
  5. Been tweaking the website but have been itching to fish the coast - specifically, the Galveston area. Will likely try later in the year like we did last year. Till then, put collate live camera feeds so I could see others having fun! Check them out at Galveston Fishing Live Cameras.
  6. Let's Talk Fishing Series continues with updates on recent fishing related things and then TRWD Flyfest!
  7. Fishing the undercut bank of a feeder creek. Caught several fish dangling a Near Deere just a few feet away from me!
  8. Quick snippet on the retrieve I used for trout the other day.
  9. Yesterday, fished the local pond and caught six Bass. Five were on the livestream. Number 6 was caught afterwards.
  10. Limited out on trout while livestreaming at Caruth Park for Trout. Ultralight Baitcasting and 1/16oz Rooster Tail worked!
  11. Started out fly fishing in hopes of trout, then noticed Bass were active. Switched to Ultralight Baitcasting. Able to test the GoPro Livestreaming feature, captured the fishing live with five Bass caught and released. Did lose one, and then catch one after the livestream ended. #fishing #flyfishing #livestream
  12. Try tandem rigged fishing flies for trout with a slight twist. That is, I integrated the mono line into the lead fishing fly and then attached the trailing fly to the tag end.
  13. Made it to the Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival! Glad I did. Learned a lot, saw some new products, and even met a Fly Fishing Legend - Tom Rosenbauer! Been a fan for many years!
  14. Fished Towne Lake in McKinney after the Trout Derby. Was slow start but things picked up later that day. Managed a limit of trout; all on Rooster Tails.
  15. Made it to McKinney's Towne Lake for another round of trout fishing and second in the Out and About Fishing Series - an onsite livestream update of the fishing "happenings". Tried different lures before settling on Rooster Tails to take a limit. Do check it out! #flyfishing #fishing #livestream
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