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  1. Little Red Book of Fly Fishing - Reel Cast Fishing Podcast - Episode 14 More of the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing Series. This round we talk about Tips 91 through 95 of the book. Then, we recap our first kayak fishing trip for 2024 to our local lake! Set juglines and caught that evening's dinner! Moreover, was the first kayak fishing trip using the new Tacoma - replacement to the old workhorse Tacoma '96! Do check out the episode. Audio Podcast Un-Edited Video Podcast
  2. Keep It Simple, What Gear Do I Use When Kayak Fishing?🤔 #fishing #kayaking #tips Here's the essentials I take when kayak fishing! https://youtu.be/cmqkN5OKW4Y
  3. Kayak Fishing, Keeping It Simple. Juglines #kayak #fishing #catfish Yesterday's catch became last night's dinner! Posting long form video from earlier livestream rebroadcast of yesterday's kayak fishing trip working juglines for Catfish! https://youtu.be/1woWNbEvrbI
  4. Try It On Bluegill This Summer! 😃 #flyfishing #flytying #demo #quicktie uses one Grizzly Hackle and a foam body. Works great on Bluegill but if they get picky on the surface bite, pinch the tail and let it sink a few inches. And, then see what happens! https://youtube.com/shorts/6estLqTV8vU?feature=share
  5. Create Your Own Custom Whip Finish Tool For Big Fishing Flies 🎣 #flyfishing #fishing #diy You can purchase various size Whip Finish Tools for Fly Tying, or you can make custom size ones that work well with larger fishing flies! Here are the components I use; will post a demo, on how to make one. Do check back! https://youtu.be/BrXy0m-qez0
  6. Fishing Ramblings #livestream #podcast #fishing https://youtube.com/live/6D62ahYMz5k?feature=share
  7. Let's Go Bluegill Fishing! 😁 #fishing #flyfishing #asmr Time to chill to a fishing video of yours truly catching a few Bluegill on the fly. Fun stuff! https://youtu.be/iXkJWyd3KPs
  8. Use a Whip Finish Tool or Don't, Use Two Fingers Instead #howto #flyfishing #flytying Whip Finish Tool is handy. But, sometimes manually tying one works better. https://youtube.com/shorts/qcZVd1i3PCk?feature=share
  9. Re-stream of yesterday's fly tying demo! Coming up at 8PM Central. Re-Stream
  10. How To Lose a Fish, 3 Techniques Every Fisherman Should Know! #fishing #bassfishing #funny Lots of videos on catching fish. How about one on losing themLots of videos on catching fish. How about one on losing them.... https://youtube.com/shorts/ThddmkO_oZo?feature=share
  11. How Many Casts To Catch a Bass on Bed? #fishing #bassfishing #ultralightfishing Answer: As much as it takes! #funny #fishing #humor https://youtube.com/shorts/WNCIskBaHoQ?feature=share
  12. 3D Printed Popper - Pond Ultralight Fishing #fishing #livestream Edited Caught Bass as well as lost a few. Still a fun time fishing with lures I made! https://youtu.be/hqX4n1MCulk
  13. Try This Streamer for Bass #fishing #bassfishing #flyfishing Peak Fly Tying ViseNear Deere is an easy quick tie that catches more than trout... it catches Bass, too! https://youtube.com/shorts/pQA8iqXUgxA?feature=share
  14. Little Streamer Catches Fish - Pond Fly Fishing #fishing #livestream EditedEdited version of yesterday's Mobile Fishing Livestream! Size 10 Olive Near worked on Bass and Bluegill! https://youtu.be/OrFMaUtxO1s
  15. You know when you know, corn for trout debate continues! How Fly Fishermen React To Corn... 🤣 #funny #fishing #comedy https://youtube.com/shorts/buPjR5FvAHw?feature=share
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