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  1. Thanks! It is a nice rod that can cast surprisingly fat for its size.
  2. Before You Go Trout Fishing in Oklahoma, Check Out This Video.| Three Places We Like for Trout Fishing In preparation for the approaching Trout Stocking Season, put a video together about three Oklahoma rivers - two that offer year round trout fishing and one seasonal fishery. Do check it out; we also included some key items to be aware of in the the Trout Area Regulations and General Trout Regulations posted by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation online at this link. May be useful to first timers thinking about fishing this Season! Good Luck and Good Fishing! PS: Added a bonus tip at the end that my be for interest to some!
  3. Finally, I was able to test the DIY GoPro to Phone Rig that would allow me to control my GoPro using my phone as well as allow me to see the live video feed to my phone. Simple rig that used PVC, COAX TV Cable, a metal extension with a GoPro mount to hold the GoPro and another mount to hold the phone. While testing the rig in a bucket the GoPro would stay connected via Wi-Fi as far as 20 feet without the rig. However, in the field, the camera lost the Wi-Fi connection. I needed the DIY GoPro to Phone Rig to stay connected. The rig worked! - I could start and stop the recording, turn it off and surprisingly... back on too! - I watched the live video feed; no fish but it was a field test more than a fishing trip. - And, even stay connected up to 10 plus feet away. I did not have to have the phone touching the cable. Links are included in the decription and a live stream I hosted to detail how I made it.
  4. Go Pro Hero 5 to Phone Underwater Camera Rig Been itching to get more underwater camera actions shots. Wanted to try a camera setup that uses the Wi-Fi connection to a mobile phone to get live action shots of what is happening underwater. Understood the Wi-Fi connection is lost soon as the Hero 5 goes underwater. The Go Pro will keep recording but you can no longer control the Go Pro with your phone. Found a workaround that uses cable like in Cable TV cable to maintain connectivity when the Go Pro is underwater. Made a rig and planned to field test is soon as the hand heals but while testing the rig my sinking the camera in a bucket, learned the Wi-Fi connection stayed connected. I did not lose connection until I was 20+ feet away from the bucket. Will have to test this in a pond. But, this is promising! Do check back, plan to try testing the connection with and without the rig to see if the Hero 5 stays connected!
  5. YouTube Shorts video where I went kayak fishing for Striped Bass in the little Heritage Featherlite Kayak one chilly October morning on Lake Texoma. Was a fun time, caught several Striped Bass with the largest going 6 pounds!
  6. YouTube Shorts video to answer the mail... "Is the glue flexible when cured?" It does not appear flexible. It has held for two seasons without issue.
  7. YouTube Shorts video where I use Pectin - also can use Gelatin, to make DIY Fish Bites using a recipe from @Deep Waters Fishing for saltwater fishing. We call it DIY Fish Bites Gummy Gums for ease of reference. It is a simple recipe that works in freshwater, too! See details of the recipe posted on our blog post -DIY Fish Bait Recipe | Fishing with Pectin aka Gelatin #shorts, as well as in the description of the Shorts video.
  8. Here is one when we started a VLOG series. This was fishing a local pond in 2016!
  9. Next is a TBT to the Blue River's C&R!
  10. TBT to a small pond for fly fishing...
  11. Lower Mountain Fork Before The Flood #shorts Here is another YouTube Shorts TBT video to Beavers Bend and the Lower Mountain Fork River before the flood changed the river to its present state. It was a fun trip where I fished Spillway Creek, the Cold Hold, the Bluffs, and the Evening Hole. But, as luck would have it, I had lots of action, more like missed strikes at Lost Creek.
  12. TBT Beavers Bend Fishing YouTube Shorts video of a TBT to Beavers Bend State Park before the big flood or was is floods changed the entire river. Lots of brush and greenery with a few Rainbow and Brown Trout caught and released. See the full video at https://youtu.be/8KePd_ZH-ic
  13. Review These Fishing Regulations Before Fishing in Texas and Oklahoma | What's New in 2021? Decided to review the What's New in 2021 section of the Texas 2021-2022 Season. Had a question concerning one of the new changes to 2021; contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They replied within the hour. Nice! Reviewed one new change to the trout regulations in Oklahoma. Was uncertain about the Daily Limits for the Lower Mountain Fork. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation clarified for me. Had another on related to the Lower Illinois River. Interesting answer... suggest contact them directly. Skip to 5:17 to see details on the Oklahoma Rule Change for Trout!
  14. Great place! Hope to be back again sooner than later.
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