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  1. Pond Fishing | GoFish Cam and Scouting for Fish Another pond fishing video where I try to scout the local pond for potential bruiser fish. Turned out mainly small fish but did have a promising strike on a bread bait of a Catfish. The underwater video is tough to make it out but luckily, I was able to see it pass through the led light while standing on the bank when it struck. Took the bobber under and the hook broke off. No worries... will be back once the pond clears up!
  2. Drainage Canal Fishing | GoFish Cam Underwater Video Scouting the drainage canal with the @GoFishCam where I went fishing the other day. Knew there were fish but now have a better idea of what is lurking below. Did not see the nice bass in the culvert from the other day, but did see one that would have been fun to catch on the micro fly rod. Also, got some footage of the fish lurking in the pond, too. Did not catch anything; it was cold but was able to stay out long enough to drain the camera battery down!
  3. Made some mods to the GoFish CAM... hope to try scouting the feeder creek and get a glimpse of a bass or two!
  4. Micro Fly Rod Fishing | Two Piece Micro Fly Rod Quick Trip Was out this morning and had saw a chance to fish the feeder creek at the local pond. Good thing I keep the Micro Fly Rod handy... this one is the two piece micro fly rod made from a broken 8wt fly rod. Saw a nice bass in the culvert that runs from the feeder creek to the pond. Also, saw several smaller bass but none wanted to bite. Did lose a couple of Bluegill and land one Bluegill that went for the Guadalupana. Did call it quits... too cold, but just in time to miss the snow that came in shortly after!
  5. Struck out at Trinity Park today... oh well, next time!
  6. If able, may try to fish Trinity Park tomorrow!
  7. Fishing Updates | COAF Field Team Live Stream Impromptu livestream providing fishing updates from the Team. Hope to keep on fishing and posting in 2021! Good Luck and Good Fishing! Mentioned this round: - Heritage Park (Flower Mound) - Rheudasil Park (Flower Mound) - Waterloo Park Pond and Derbies (Denison)
  8. Was out and about today. Too nice a day to stay indoors. Decided to make a quick trip to Waterloo Pond while passing through Denison today. Was hoping for a limit but it was not the case. That said, yours truly caught his first fish for 2021... a little trout that went for a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and GRHEN. Trout went for the GRHEN! Great start to 2021!
  9. Fishing Updates | COAF Field Team | Dual Live Stream Beta test of a dual live stream on @COAF Field Team on YouTube and COAF Field Team on Facebook. Test was promising, even had folks join and did a little impromptu Q&A. Liking the folks joining! Do let us know if this format works... will plan to host more dual live streams in the future.
  10. COAF FIELD TEAM LIVE STREAM | 2020 FISHING SUMMARY Happy New Year! Impromptu livestream to recap our fishing activities in 2020. Hope to keep on fishing and posting in 2021! Good Luck and Good Fishing!
  11. Fly Fishing Tips from the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing | iFishNews Fishing Podcast 34 Fly Fishing Tips from the Little Red Book of Fly Fishing | iFishNews Fishing Podcast 34 Number 15 in the "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing" podcast series where I review fly fishing tips in parallel to the current Winter Trout Stocking Season in our area. This week it's tips 56 through 61! Tip 56: The Difference between a Good Fisherman and a Great One? A BB Tip 57: Knockout with the Bolo Punch Tip 58: Seeing the Light Tip 59: The Thin, Clear Line Tip 60: Live With It Tip 61: Feeling Skitterish Do check back on our next episode in the series where we discuss tips 62 - 69. Tip 62: Negatives and Positives Tip 63: When in Doubt (Set the Hook) Tip 64: No Clear Indication Tip 65: First Impressions Tip 66: Ready, Set, Go Tip 67: Dress for Success Tip 68: Watch That Line Tip 69: When Shorter is Better Good Luck and Good Fishing!
  12. Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | Which Technique Works Best? Had some fun this past weekend fishing for Texas Rainbow Trout at Pottsboro Lake in Pottsboro, TX. Brought the @GoFish Cam to get some underwater video; able to capture some of the action. But, was sidetracked on a quest... Which technique works best for trout? We tried the "Cranky, No Yanky" technique that calls for keeping a tight line and reeling faster when the trout strikes. This one worked the best; no need to use the rod to set the hook, just reel faster. And, we tried the "Rip Thy Lips" technique... this was not the preferred method for limiting out. This technique calls for setting the hook immediately and with a strong pull of the rod at any indication of a strike. Was a fun time; windy conditions... but we limited out. Do check out the video; added underwater footage of the trout moving about at the end of the video.
  13. I do the same; just had it flipped in the video.
  14. Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing | Two Plus One Tips for this Stocking Season No fishing today, but made time to post two fishing tips that may of interest for those fishing the Texas Rainbow Trout Winter Stocking this season, and then we added one more that applies more to the warmer fishing season. First tip is on the Adjusta Bubble we like using for our Bubble Fly Rigs. Issue we have is when trying to thread the fishing line through the rubber stop, the line tends to curve and as a result it hangs up on the rubber. Easy fix... "spin it"! Spin the Adjusta Bubble as you thread the fishing line. Second tip is modifying the PowerBait Rig we mention in our article - "PowerBait Fishing Rigs for Rainbow Trout". Specifically, Trout Fishing Rig #2 that is similar to a Carolina Rig. We skip the slip swivel and use 30lbs dacron backing tied on to the fishing line with a slip bobber knot and some Superglue. The Plus One tip is reposting the "Making My Senkos Last Longer with Superglue" video to explain why we have Superglue in our fishing vest. Hope these are helpful this season! And do check back for more videos as we fish the Texas Rainbow Trout Winter Stocking season.
  15. Denison Dam Fishing | GoFish Cam at the Oklahoma Wall Made it back for more Denison Dam fishing for striped bass. Used our surfcasting gear to fish the Oklahoma Wall and worked the area using a Float and Jig/Fly Rig. Fishing buddy limited out; yours truly did not. Lots of small stripers but did keep enough for dinner. No catch and cook this round but did get lots of underwater footage with the @GoFish Cam ...learned there are lots of small stripers along the Oklahoma Wall which we anticipated given past trips. But, also noticed lots of small catfish, too! Longer than normal video... decided to minimize the edits and post more raw footage from the GoFish Cam in case viewers see something we missed. So far, we noticed Striped Bass, Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, a glimpse of Buffalo, and a Bluegill. Do comment if you see others we may have missed!
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