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  1. That is great news, troutbum, I have been away for a while over on the RodBuilding forum and just stopped by to see who's still around as it is time to start thinking about refilling the steelhead boxes for the upcoming season. Have several new flyrods for this season and am anxious to get back in the saddle on the Erie tributaries. Right now I am passing some time waiting on the arrival of Irene. What a week, an Earthquake and Hurricane, Mother Nature is sure PO'ed about something.
  2. Have you been there lately, Bobby has gotten in some new materials and they are starting up some advanced tyer classes twice a week.
  3. Use it, don't use it, there are no rules that I am aware of, do what is right for you. I don't use mine either and as a matter of fact have taken it off completely and have never missed it.
  4. Hang in there Chris, follow your Doctors instructions and quitting those death sticks should be easier now since the good Lord has given you the chance to show that you are stronger then the grip that they have. You will be amazed at how good everything will taste after you do and your wife and kids will enjoy being able to have you around for a lot longer. Take it easy and take care of you and yours.
  5. Welcome to the Forum. Don't get discouraged for not having all the fancy things to use right now. None of us had anything when we started either and as circumstances change you can gain what you need but most importantly always remember to make it as much fun as you can. There is much help here and you never know what might catch fish. Tie it and fish it, just have fun with it.
  6. Package arrived today and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all who contributed, this is an excellent measure of the talent that we have among our membership. I knew I would be getting an assortment of the best that there was to be had and that is just what happened. Carl, thank you for all your effort in making this possible and for your kindness and understanding when I was forced to pull out. My post op. recovery is going well so far and if things keep progressing I just might make fall Steelhead on the Erie PA Tribs and I saw several of the flies in that box that would be excellent for that. I can't begin to tell you haw hard it has been not being able to tie or fish at all this year, but hopefully these days are behind me now and I can get back on the water with fly rod in hand and once again find that solace I have enjoyed for so many years. Again to all I say thank you for your beautiful contributions and to Carl for doing such a wonderful thing and for all his effort is making it happen.
  7. Been nice had the seller mentioned this in the auction, if there is not any evidence of the chemical remaining in the fly packaging, let them air out for a few days and if there is no change may be a solution to wash them in a anise bath or vanilla bath as both these scents will work as an over-cover and as an attractant if you are not against doing that sort of thing. Some purists will squeal about scents on flies but in this situation it may be the only choice if you wish to use them.
  8. Congratulations on your accomplishment and you sould have absolutely nothing but pride in what you have done, 85 miles is quite a distance to walk and the fact that you did it at 62 is a feat to be very proud of. Your goal may have been set higher but what you accomplished sohuld not be minimized by any kind of disappointment since you have nithing to be disappointed for. Again I say great job and I admire and applaud you.
  9. I try to support the site sponser as well, but I also support my Local Shop, but in this case it is the Fly Shop at Bass Pro in Harrisburg. This is not the run of the mill Bass Pro in my opinion. Their Fly shop manager is Bobby Clouser and all of the staff there is very intellegent and very good tiers. They offer excellent help in anything and have free classes throughout the year. Excellent shop and great people, Bobby learned from all those years in his fathers shop and he tryes to run this shop in a very similar manner.
  10. Alex, According to Nikon the batteries are interchangable and there is no issue with using either in the D60.
  11. Slightly longer battery life is the only difference.
  12. I think you may be talking about these. http://www.firemountaingems.com/shopping.a...RINGECLEARCOLOR
  13. As a Pennsylvanian, I am glad you had a wonderful time in our fair Commonwealth. We surely do have a lot of very beautiful waters to fish.
  14. I have a Dyna King Ron Abbey Signature Edition and have no problem with any size hooks with the use of the appropriate jaws.
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