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  1. This is a really good thread/topic. Can't stayy away. If you crowd your hook eye, clear it by heating the tip of your bodkin (if it's metal, of course) with a candle or match, then poke it thru the eye. Have saved many a fly this way. I always keep a lighter on the bench.
  2. OK, ONE more. Put small square of Velcro on the bottom of your head cement, and the opposing (hook or loop) piece on your tying desk. Then you won't be constantly knocking the bottle over and yelling what my daddy called "helping words".
  3. One more. Smear the threads on your head cement bottle with a THIN coat of Vasoline. That way, the cement won't glue the bottle shut, and you won't have to ask your wife to open the bottle for you.
  4. If the hackle slips from the jaws of the hackle pliers, slip a piece of shrink tubing (Radio Shack) over ONE of the jaws, and hold a candle or lighter under it to shrink it to the jaw. Don't use the tension adjustment on your bobbin holder - set it just enough to keep the thread from unspooling while it's hanging there. Palm the spool, and any tension adjustment should be done with your palm. A higher end, better vise will not make you a better tier. It's just something to hold the hook while you attach dead animal parts to it. It just needs to grip the hook well.
  5. Me, too. I found the magnifying lights (the circular light and lens) destroyed my depth perception, making it kinda hard to tie. I use cheapo reading glasses for tying. My most powerful is 4.0, but I find I use 3.5 much more often. And, yes,a decent light really helps.
  6. Like this! I've always stayed away from nail knots cuz I'm a certified klutz, and I found lopp-to-loop connections easier. But they always get hung up in the guides. Going to try this next time out.
  7. I would be more than happy to store that for you in my tying room until you get ready to work on it. Does your friend have a friend??
  8. Those are really spectacular shots. What lens were you using?
  9. I'vealways used round toothpicks to apply Sally Hanson's. No bodkin to keep clean, just throw away the toothpick after each use, and CHEAP!
  10. Haven't you guys ever heard of a water-cooled tying vise??
  11. I don't tie commercially, so speed is nothing to be concerned with.I usually put the tools I need to tie the pattern I'm tying right in front of me so I don't have to look for them. I don't use any of the "speed" techniques cuz I don't think they are required if time is not a factor.
  12. My son was into reptiles for many years. His bedroom looked like the reptile house at the zoo. I am VERY afraid of snakes (I know, I know) and he wasn't so good at keeping the lids on his stuff, so I had a flashlight I kept by the bed to use when I had to get up in the night, Many a time ,while fishing I'd sit on a log to change flies, only to find a snake sunning himself next to me. You've never seen anyone walk on water like me. Lotsa stories about my son's collection, but the best is about the Hissing Cockroaches he had.
  13. Hi, Shoebop, Think I'd move toManton if I could. Fished the Morrisy, Golden, and Chase Creeks for all those years and tent or tarp camped at the old Chase Creek campground. The campground has been closed for many years, and is the only place I ever saw a DNR guy in the field. Scared the hell out of him when I came up out of Chase Creek when he was bent over checking the well in the closed campground. In my latter years, after the heart bypass, I camped at the Baxter Bridge Campground where there were people, to satisfy my wife. Maybe I'll go back to Manton an fish the lake in town.
  14. Chase Creek

    Going home

    I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this. I've been fishing a small area off the Manistee River since High School (55 years ago). It's between Cadillac and Traverse City near a small town named Manton. I've spent at least teo weeks a year up there annoying Brookies in small streams.I've always fished by myself,and I prefer it that way. Recently, I've had some medical issues to deal with, and I'm thinking Last Fall was my last trip up there. My balance is not so hot anymore, and I've got our friend "Arthur" quite bad in my left knee, among other places. I have a very rough time walking on uneven ground, so my days of gracefully flitting about the woods is pretty much over. I had to make some concessions with my wife after a Quadruple Bypass a few years ago, like staying in habituated campgrounds, etc. Anyway, every time I crest the hill overlooking Manton, I get the unmistakable feeling of coming home.I would absolutely love to make one more trip up there, but it looks like that's not going to happen. Fortunately, I can sill use the vise, and there are some pretty good Bluegill waters around here. But I will always miss "going home". (Stepping down from soapbox)
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