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  1. Knew about it months ago ...... been in there a few times this year, including last yesterday.
  2. I can buy kits and mold to make my own twister tails and jigheads, but it's not a fly..... it requires time and some skill to do ... a gummy minnow is essentially the same thing.
  3. The spawn is about 1 week away ..... As for being skittish ..... use spiderwire tippet as the carp cannot feel it as well as mono ..... unless you are fast. Patterns .... hex dries and nymphs, crayfish, and cottonwood seeds.
  4. My only issue is that this thing is essentially a mister twister ..... lol. Not enough fur and feathers for my taste.
  5. I say this one crosses the threshold of no longer being a fly in my book.
  6. I also use the cream ultra chenille. Tie it in with brown thread, wrap back to the bend, wrap back to the head, tie off. The brwon thread makes a perfect head. My buddies love em for steelhead.
  7. I know that system well enough now to know when to stay home and when to go and fish. The USGS site helps as well. And the way gas prices are, I got to cut back on my travel. One of my buddies called me tonight ... the action was slow today. The SB was very high. I plan to go up next weekend.
  8. I got the book on order myself ..... And I passed on fishing this weekend due to the high dirty water. I'm willing to bet even streamer fishing would have been tough today.
  9. How about everyone submit a picture of their favorite pt variation on this thread. I'm looking for new ideas. I've got two that I use quite often and want to make the pattern even better. I'll post mine later.
  10. Well I got a few reportds from Wednesday evening and Thursday evening on the Au Sable. Wednesday in the HW my buddy said conditions were nice, plenty of bugs in the air, but the bugs just went back to the trees and no spinnerfall. My other buddy hit Mio last night and didn't see any bugs all day ... probably due to the weather.
  11. Can you say someone has been doing their homework .... lol. http://www.nunami-outfitters.com/siteindex.html http://www.awesomelake.com http://midwest.fws.gov/ashland/brook/index.html http://www.pvisuals.com/fishing/species/brooktrout.html http://midwest.fws.gov/ashland/brook/taskforc/jun19_00.html http://darwin.eeb.uconn.edu/Documents/fws-980928-1.html http://www.detnews.com/2001/outdoors/0107/09/d10-244675.htm http://www.michaelfurtman.com/article_coasters2.htm http://www.ausableanglers.org/Riverwatch%2...0Initiative.htm SD ..... I know of a few lakes in the UP with brookies (not coasters) up to 24". And I got a bunch of names of other rivers in the Canada with fishable populations of coasters.
  12. Marc, I'm confused ... how come you joined a flytying site if you don't even flyfish?
  13. By the end of the weekend ... the guy's with the flies will have caught the biggest fish ..... lmao.
  14. Gott's in Mio also has two driftboats for rent .... $75 a day and that includes carspot. I doubt I will be taking my boat out at all this weekend now. The weather is looking sunny and warm and that's no good for fishing streamers. I'll probably just wade in all weekend and fish the spinnerfalls and emergences, maybe nymph a little.
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