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  1. Flies are sorted and will be out in the mail to everyone tomorrow. Sorry for my absence as of late. Family has gotten extremely hectic lately. Ya'll ate going to live these flies there are some really nice ones here.
  2. Got flies from SullyTM over the weekend. I'll be watching our for flies from you three in the next couple days. This swap already looks amazing! Steve
  3. Copolymer lines are the mono and floro. If you look up just a little I talked about braids for furled leaders. Steve
  4. Smokymountaineer, received your flies last night and they look nice. Can't wait for the water to come down a hair so I can throw it. How's everyone else doing with this swap? I have 3 sets received and looking forward to seeing the rest soon. Steve
  5. I have a great one to build mine after. I'm just to lazy to do it. I normally do mine like this. Even for trout since I fish exclusively streamers I have never found a need for more than a furled leader of about 5'and a couple feet of tippet. Steve
  6. Power pro makes a good leader for the tip of a leader. I've tried a couple full leaders and they just are a little to supple in my opinion. But to add it in as the front this or quarter is a good option. I have a pegged board but always just use my buddies t-track jig. I need to build one of my own so I can sell some. Lol. Most often though I just use a simple furled leader of mono or copolymer. Steve
  7. I've never noticed an odor... lol. It's been a pretty good material for me. I like cat fur too but since all the cats around here are feral is not easy to get dubbing and not get stitches. Steve
  8. Nanum, got yours yesterday. Sully, I'll keep my eyes out for yours and by all means it's been my pleasure. Steve
  9. Hopper... lol buti may just have a name for it now!
  10. I want to jump in here please. I have an extended body Hooper that works very well for this. Size is yet unsure. Steve
  11. http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/fliesandpies/Mobile%20Uploads/20140423_080202_zpspw8rn236.jpg A swimming hexagenia nymph dubbed with yellow lab. Nothing fancy at all just brushed and used as dubbing, guard hair and all. I also have a friend with a very light colored chocolate lab that I use as well. Both dogs have accounted for a whole mess of carp attached to my fly line. Steve
  12. Yes there is. I've hardly found a good carp fly that isn't a good smallie and bluegill fly. Steve
  13. Roger that Kevin. This is going to be an epic swap. Steve
  14. For big gar in excess of 30lbs my suggestion is to tie the same rope fly with a trailer of a size 6 or 4 cutting point hook. The heavy wrote owner octopus is what I use and love. Stout and sharp as the come. Steve
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