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  1. Sal should consider going right back in time to the days of bone hooks and sinews for thread. Anything later than then is simply not on and is lame! How does that sound? Pretty stupid I think.
  2. Here are some photo's of the Yak hair I mention in this thread (it will save you jumping all over the web). You will not find a similar quality Yak hair anywhere else. The flyshops I sell to is quite amazed at the quality! This hair is fine, straight, subtle and whiter (no bleaching) than found elsewhere! Send me a personal message if interested.
  3. I've ordered more since that purchase and I now sell the stuff. I currently have about 32 pound in stock but 27 pound is accounted for. My next shipment will arrive in about 3 months from now. If you are serious about buying some of this hair at a keen price send me a personal message. Be assured that this is the best Yak hair available - the hair is straight, fine and soft. As mentioned above in this thread, the hair is similar to Polar Bear hair - except much longer. Fly shops are all amazed at this quality. Finally, the Yaks continue to live and are not slaughtered!
  4. The Yak hair sold by Thornes comes from Hareline and is quite coarse. One essentially gets Yak hair in body hair or tail hair. Body hair is generally finer than tail hair. Both of this can be obtained in single drawn or double drawn varieties - it simply means sorted. Double drawn are nicer hair to wortk with, albeit slightly more expensive. I search endlessly and bought numerous yak hair bundles from a variety of suppliers around the world including the US. The results were disappointing in that it was all quite coarse, crinkly and stiff. I then found somebody in China who was willing to give a helping hand. You can read the story here on another forum. I ordered about 7 pounds of the stuff and it is the BEST Yak hair I have ever seen. Softer, finer and whiter in colour than available in fly shops. It arrived perfectly bundled and packaged. Good luck!
  5. I have both version and the HMH Tube Vise Converter works best for me. I find that the tube fly can rotate and is not always very secure on the mandrel of the Premium Tube Tool. I imagine that it will be the same problem on the Starter Tube Tool. My 2 cents.
  6. Another link with info: Spoon Fly
  7. Most welcome Dan! Do you have any access to white long hair Yak pelts in China?
  8. I need to purchase a large quantity of typical ripple foam used in fly boxes for an order I have to make for one of my customers. Do you know where I can optain this foam in sheet (uncut) sizes? Thanks.
  9. Wiets

    Flashabou find!

    There is no Lowes here in South Africa. Is anybody willing to buy me about 10 bunches of each color and ship it to me. I will cover all expenses via PayPal - I will even send the payment before you incur any expenses. Please!! Thank you.
  10. There are a few ways to do this: 1. Before burning the ends, mark the mono with a black permanent marker. When dry, burn the ends and some of the black is taken up by the mono. 2. Burn the ends, then dip into black nail varnish. If the nail varnish forms a blop on the end, touch the inside if the nail varnish bottle to get rid of the access varnish. Allow to dry. For variation, you can use different color nail varnish. Enjoy!
  11. I'm looking for hundreds of each size in Tiemco 811S & 600SP hooks. Can anybody on this forum supply these hooks or do you perhaps have a contact somewhere? Tiemco TMC 811S #8 200 #6 200 #4 300 #2 300 #1/0 300 #2/0 300 #3/0 300 #4/0 200 Tiemco TMC 600SP #1/0 200 #2/0 300 #3/0 300 #4/0 200 #6/0 100 Thanks
  12. The only thing "rich" about me is the rich smell of my stinky feet and another part of my anatomy.
  13. Talking about coming with, we aim to invite some fly fishing people over once we have the yacht in a appropriate location like the Seychelles and Mayotte islands.
  14. No, I'm not a commercial tyer. I have been building a luxury 50' catamaran yacht for the past 4 years and it will be done within the next 2 months. It's now time to stock it up with toys for a 5 - 10 year world cruise and fly tying & fishing is part of this. So, I have been buying substantial quantities of all fly fishing things during the past few months. The $2 plus 10% deal you mention is indeed sweet, but it does not sound like something everybody can get involved in. Seem like this fly shop is very generous to you - or am I wrong?
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