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  1. are you sending in just the jaws or the entire vise? for you to go through two sets in such a short time might it not be possible that something in the frame itself might be 'tweaked' thus causing some unatural stresses to occur? I have never had a renzetti in my hand so this is just a random thought I had.
  2. mokai really like what you did with the shadow under the picture. guidofisherman the pattern you added to the fram instead of the plain white border is really cool. i think i know how to do it. will try that in my next pop-out.
  3. thank goodness i didnt have to dress like that when i grew up. any tips from you pros on what may improve on what i have done would be cool with me.
  4. well i finally got it. PHEW!!! originally i had been doing a fishing photo but my sister just sent me a few pics of the neices trying out their christmas present so instead i worked on that. now hopefully i will be able to do it again my first attempt at anything with Photoshop.
  5. well i have finally gotten around to trying to do this. i am not photoshop savy. i downloaded the 30 day trial of Photoshop CS3 and got to work. its been an uphill battle. there are only about 9 million buttons and menus and tabs you have to figure out..LOL my first attempt was about an hour and a half and i made it all the way up to step 2 before i was forced to give up. i started from scratch on my second attempt and made it all the way up to step 6 in an hour and a half. i messed up trying to do step 7 . i closed the layer menu box and couldnt figure out how to get it back. i finally figured out how to get all the menus and buttons back to original setup and then went to bed. so now tonight i will try it again. i'll start from scratch again as i figure the practice could do me some good on how to navigate this program. one question though. is there an easier way to do step 6 other than just running my eraser box all around the "background of image except that in border"? that takes forever and i know i missed some spots. any way i can box an area and then just erase everything in that box in one click of the mouse?
  6. there must be some kind of synchronicity going on. i just sent a J. Stockard wishlist to my sister since i have a birthday coming up. back during Christmas time she was bugging me for gift ideas so i sent her some links from Stockard of things i might like. well she wound up ordering a few things from them. well they arrived at her house and she was just flabergasted at how quickly they got there. she couldnt believe it, and thought that was so cool. so anyway now she is bugging me for birthday gift ideas. i make out a wishlist on their sight and send it off to her. she replies with the following quote. "Thanks... I was hoping you would send me something from J Stockard since their shipping is so fast. In fact I ordered something this morning and it came yesterday. I was wondering what that box was!" she does have a certain way about her, thats for sure. had me chuckling.
  7. no fair you got to tie one before me..LOL work and laundry kept me away from the vice today hope totry a couple during the week after i watch the vid. nice job on that..looking good
  8. my previous desktop pic was a shot of a wood duck from the bird photo thread that is my new desktop picture. very nicely done.
  9. graham the credit I saw was 'flyshop in NY'. it threw me off and had me thinking.'maybe it isn't him' now I know better.
  10. Funny i was just looking at that book in local shop last Saturday and thinking to myself, 'man, that Graham has pictures everywhere'. now i know there is a story behind the pictures. to a certain degree it must be an honor to have your work stolen. however IMHO i do think its wrong and i do think you should do something about it. fight the good fight. whats next--are we going to see a tying DVD with videos ripped from a HATCHES TV type website? i wont be surprised when it happens.
  11. in your heading title under 'send reply' there is a blue 'options' box click on that and click 'standard'
  12. thank you very much its turkey i used a q-tip and lightly coated 7-8 barbs wide. when that set cut off rachis and tied in. then i used bodkin to fold it over itself and tied in each fold until i had 7 segments. head cement makes it a liilte stiffer and holds it all together while working with it.
  13. first two attempts. hope you like.
  14. FYI---i have found that by Googling the tyers name rather than the something more generic as in this case "spoon fly" that i get better search results. http://www.redchaser.com/suspendedspoon.htm also try (cut and paste from another forum) Spoon Flies - mylar - look for bullet bob's spoon fly in the left tab http://www.geocities.com/clins....html braided mylar cord http://laflyfish.com/flies/kirks-spoon.php
  15. yes....on 6x tippet or smaller!!! my braided stainless wont work?LOL
  16. i am in for the day now..took me an hour and a hlf from walworth to chili. there were hardly any plows out you mean now i have to go fish with these things. OY.
  17. i just cant believe you BOUGHT a fly. im speechless. might as well send me ALL your stuff now.
  18. not really sure..they came with the starter kit i got last christmas HAH HA HA HAH thanks flytyer
  19. that thing is KEWL Bud. i want one.
  20. i am not a trout fisherman but i was issued a 'challenge' at the flyshop today so i gave it my best shot. size 10. as long as someone says "they look fishy" i know i'll be allright. LOL. all comments welcome
  21. i dont even know what a mudboat is. Bud, i dont suppose you would like to familiarize yourself with a snowblower. LOL
  22. man i went out today to run to the shop and traffic was killer. everyone is in panic mode. they have been lined up four deep at the gas station in town all day. once the snow is about 18" i'll run to the mall everyone should be home by then...LOL
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