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  1. sorry guys...mine are coming...just have a few to finish up...hopefully will be in the mail by mid week...
  2. sorry all for the late flies in June...hopefully everyone gets a double dose in July. Be prepared...Phil (my 6 year old) is tying this month...
  3. Wife put my flies in the mail yesterday. The boys and I had some quality time tying...so you should have march, april, and may in the package. The terrestial is pretty basic, and I hope to have some time in the busy spring (I am a test engineer for John Deere Planters) that I can send you all some extras...
  4. well breambuster...sorry...I tied up some McGinty Bees Wet Flies instead...sorry you guys had to be my experimenters with wet fly wings, but it was worth it. Phil does have a surprise for you guys...
  5. Gonna tie up a Cockaroo. Hopefully Phil (my 5 yr old boy) can concentrate enough to give you guys a treat of his own...
  6. andydoc here...did receive the flys from last month...nice work everyone! Phil (my boy) and I will be experimenting and tying up a Bead Head Chief...(hint...I am from the land of Lincoln and graduated from the greatest university in the land)
  7. I am about done with them...need some toetags and abit more trimming...they will be in the mail monday...
  8. only a 'doc' by surname...dochterman. Dutch for 'wickmaker' but my heritage is from Germany. I am a test engineer for John Deere...but my mom always said I would be famous if a hospital could say...'paging doctor dochterman'...i'll leave that up to my kids.
  9. just bought the supplies for a small deer hair popper...called Phil's Popper...
  10. count me in...if you'll have me. My 5 year old boy will be helping
  11. sorry...don't get on the computer as often as I should. Wife sent the flies last thursday or friday, so hopefully they aren't still in transit and you should have them. Very sorry for them being late. Wife wasn't too happy that I left on monday morning for a work trip...left her with 3 little b@$tards (1/2 of my making) and some flies to mail out.
  12. so...as you have probably had happen, life gets in the way, work takes you out of town...and let alone kids. I do have the files tied (see attached), but they need to be shaped...and low and behold I don't have the razor blade to shape them. I stopped at 3 places after work with no sucess, but the wife knows where I can get some, so I am heading there tomorrow. Would it be possible to ship my flies on Monday? Sorry.. AndyDoc
  13. The boy and me will tie up something special...something in the size 2...we'll figure it out this week AndyDoc
  14. shoot me your address also...
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