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Found 5 results

  1. Last week Paul and I went out to kayak fish the Medina and had a blast. The water was super clear though and we could not get any fish to bite. So I decided to head out on my own, wading the river and see if I couldn't get a few. The water clarity was slightly off color comparably, so I was able to get a few to nibble. Quite a few sunfish, and one really nice one. Then also some bass. What a fun time! The fly that caught most of the fish was something I came up with. I called it the panfish delight. Here is a link to that tying video on how you can tie the same fly. https://youtu.be/AbdUmeNTABQ
  2. The Medina river was filled with fish, beautiful, and had amazing structure. It had the makings of what could have been an amazing day fishing! And I know we would have caught tons of fish if the water temps weren't so low. We had a cold front come in 2 days prior and stayed for the weekend, so there was not much chance of that water being warm enough to get the bass to strike. They just were not interested at all. But we saw lots of fish. In fact I was very surprised at how many fish we could see. Catfish, bass, carp, panfish, and shad. All of which were schooling thick, but none would eat. In a way it was a frustrating day, just watching fish not pay attention to your fly, and some scattering at the slightest kerplunk of the fly hitting the water. However we did get a few, and had a nice time just kayaking around. It really is a beautiful river, and very enjoyable to kayak. I will be returning to try my hand at the Medina once again.
  3. This is the second try, lost the first one. I had a popper turn out pretty good and wanted to share it. Someday I'll figure videos out. I used an Eagle Claw #6, Pheasant tail, black saddle hackle, 3/8" x 3/8" x 1/4" balsa, finger nail polish (red, green, white), red Sharpie, high float fiber from Fly Tier's Dungeon, holographic tinsel, 3D eyes, red thread, 5 min. epoxy. I shaped the balsa with a finger nail file and cut a slit in the bottom of it, then widened it with the point of one blade of my scissors to fit the hook shank. Then used a small amount of water to dampen the slot in the balsa, put it in place on the hook and put a small drop of super glue over it. (the moisture will cause the super glue to harden instantly). I then painted the balsa body using 3 coats of each color and when dry to touch, applied the eyes and coated the body with epoxy using a match stick (toothpick would have worked, too). For the tail I used 5 or 6 high float fibers and about the same number of tinsels. Wrapped the shank with the red thread from the body to the curve and back about half way. Placed the high float first and secured it, then put on the tinsel trying to wrap it evenly around the high float (could have been better). I made two wings from the Pheasant tail and wrapped them just behind the body using a figure 8 pattern. They wouldn't stay together, but, a little head cement drawn over the length of each made them just right. Now it was time for the saddle hackle, a few wraps behind the wings and a couple in front and tied them off...applied a dab of cement. Had to give the hackle a little "haircut" to clear the hook and allow the wings to show and it looked pretty good. It worked on the bluegill tonight!!
  4. Tied up one of these last week on a #6 offset worm hook and it worked better than expected catching a few small bass and a number of bream and tons of nips. I modified slightly and used a 3306 #6 for the front hook and snelled a size #12 down eye nymph hook as a stinger to get more of the tail nipping bream. It's 2.5" long and casts easily with my 4wt, a larger bass is bound to eat this sooner or later.
  5. I make beaucoup year ago...works still ....and still it will work even when I pass..............
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