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Found 7 results

  1. Here is a popper in red that I tied up for use up at Navajo Lake. We did pick up some smallmouths and some scrappy bluegills.
  2. The Medina river was filled with fish, beautiful, and had amazing structure. It had the makings of what could have been an amazing day fishing! And I know we would have caught tons of fish if the water temps weren't so low. We had a cold front come in 2 days prior and stayed for the weekend, so there was not much chance of that water being warm enough to get the bass to strike. They just were not interested at all. But we saw lots of fish. In fact I was very surprised at how many fish we could see. Catfish, bass, carp, panfish, and shad. All of which were schooling thick, but none would eat. In a way it was a frustrating day, just watching fish not pay attention to your fly, and some scattering at the slightest kerplunk of the fly hitting the water. However we did get a few, and had a nice time just kayaking around. It really is a beautiful river, and very enjoyable to kayak. I will be returning to try my hand at the Medina once again.
  3. Breambuster is hosting a swap based on an ad that said every fly fisherman should have 13 basic flies in his box, and each tier picked one of those 13 patterns. I fish a lot of ponds for bluegill, and after consulting Breambuster, I'm stealing his concept with the twist being towards panfish. After extensive research (I googled Top Panfish Flies), a found an article from Fly Fisherman Magazine by Skip Morris (October 17, 2016), listing what he says are the best panfish flies. I tried to search the pattern database to make certain all the patterns were listed, but I had trouble getting results. There are a couple I'm not sure about, but we'll find the pattern if necessary. So, just like Breambuster's swap, each tier will pick one of the 10 patterns and tie nine of it. The first nine tiers to claim a pattern are in. All the usual rules apply: toetags, SASE, etc. I haven't hosted that many swaps, so let's keep this one to USA only. Deadline: I must receive them by February 28. The Ten Best Panfish Flies Are: Popper: djh262-Received Sponge Spider: vcrider-Received Predator: Breambuster-Received F-C Mackie Bug: dflanagan-Received J's Grinchworm: Colonel Mel-Completed SMP: bertgwen-Received Carrot Nymph: wmw4:Recieved Woolly Worm: vicente-Received Clouser Minnow: Kudu-Received 10 Fat Head Diver: Mike West-Received SWAP IS CLOSED If I missed anything, let me know. Colonel Mel
  4. A while back I created a fly that I called "the fat head squishy streamer". This was a perch color pattern and shape. These flies utilized a special long fiber dry fly dubbing from Fly Tiers Dungeon. Then I created a shell of flexible UV curing resin to give the fly a special jerk bait type motion. It kept the fly sinking very slowly, and allowed for a side to side "walk the dog" type motion. Keep in mind, the technique of using flexible UV resin is not my invention, I have seen others do this. However I haven't ever seen anyone use it with a dry fly (high floating) dubbing. This fly was very popular, and I have had a lot of requests for different color patterns. For a long time I have wanted to make a bluegill pattern, but bullfrog dubbing didn't come in blue, which I needed for the pattern. Finally Fly Tiers Dungeon came out with a dubbing they call "arctic snow" and it comes in lots of bright and colorful blends. Finally a squishy head streamer in a a bluegill pattern! What is different however is how this fly is shaped. The original was cylindrical, so it was as fat as it was tall. However this fly is very flat, yet tall, just like a bluegill. Which gives it even better side to side and gliding motion, just like a dying bluegill. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 1/0 Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed - white Dubbing: Bullfrog dubbing - white, olive, dark olive & yellow Starburst dubbing - pearl & olive Arctic Wind - hot orange, aqua blue, royal blue Eyes: 3D eyes - 8mm, gold Resin: Solarez - flex formula
  5. Blue gills are some of the top food sources for some large freshwater predatory fish like bass, trout, pike, and walleye. Bluegill are in almost every lake and pond across america and most of the world. They have a yellow and bright orange belly with an olive back. The olive color rabbit zonker has stripes on it in order to imitate the stripes on the back of these baitfish. Also the dubbing colors will imitate the bluegills belly colors. It also swims really nicely with lots of movement. Hook: Daiichi 1750 - Size 10 Thread: Ultra Thread 70 - Burnt Orange Tail: Olive and white marabou Top Body: Olive barred bunny zonker Body Wrap: Bull Frog Dubbing - White, yellow hopper, and caddis orange. Eye: 4mm 3D eyes Eye adhesive: Fletch Tight Head Building: Solarez "Thin Hard" UV curing resin
  6. Guys and girls. i am interesting in specifically seeing some of the bugs you tie up for crappie / bluegill. interested in all styles. Please let me know your preference for size too. thank you
  7. Please help! I made this fly and I feel that I have a basis opinion!
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