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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a Few pics of a Walnut fly box I made for a client of mine! I have to take some pictures of a cherry/walnut combo fly box that i have done as well to post up. What do you guys think?
  2. Been a while since I was able to ty (or is it tie? see it has been to long) due to work and school. My break between semesters just started and I was able to setup my fly tying space (just moved in to this house a year ago). I have had absolutely terrible luck with entire boxes of flies catching a case of the rusty.. I picked up a cheapish fly box about a year ago that had an o-ring style seal around the lid. These flies are still in decent shape. What boxes do you guys use to keep your flies in good shape? Anyone use any kind of rust preventer in their boxes? I fish mostly out of a kayak for bass and other sunfish with the occasional saltwater trips to the panhandle, so I prefer a larger style box, but I'm okay with the larger pocket size ones. Also, I have a certain distaste for my Peak rotary vise. It has been okay, but I never liked the handle for clamping hooks or the jaws themselves (I currently have a broke pin going through it, but have been making due). I've been eyeballing the regal vises, but I have yet to go find somewhere that will let me play with their vises to see what I may like. My desk can't use a clamp style, but do any of you guys use something like the Oasis benches with a clamp style? Do you like it? Got some picks? I also want one with a slightly longer shaft than the peak, and have the vise jaws extend past the base like the regal appears to be. Thanks, DLR
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