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  1. Thanks @Trouttramp! Hope you can feel as well as possible.
  2. CDewberry


    Excellent. Thank you for sharing!
  3. now, why did you do that? one of us other newbs good have benefited from that knowledge. thin skinned or otherwise...
  4. Well, this is WAY over my capabilities. I didn't tie the underwing. I did make some wings off of an online tutorial. Pleased with them. Not happy w/ the body - too thick for the size. There is a lot of fiddle faddle with the Rogue Foam!
  5. I'm contemplating the Rogue Foam. Looking into a few things to see if I can pull it off. I'll figure it out over the weekend.
  6. I guessed closest to the number and have the opportunity to buy this Jimsflyco Ultra Select Hen Cape Lt. Honey Dun for $45 plus shipping. Should I pull the trigger?
  7. Hurrah, finally got the flies back. Thank you Woodenlegs and fellow participants.
  8. Thanks to those that came through and followed through. Thank you Woodenlegs for doing all the 'leg' work! /Clayton
  9. Good question! I believe it is from this winery - https://www.precisionwineco.com/Brands/Navigator
  10. They are in the mail! Pottsville.pdf
  11. My scuddy sow bugs. Apologies in advance. 😂 going out in the mail Monday.
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