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  1. They are in the mail! Pottsville.pdf
  2. My scuddy sow bugs. Apologies in advance. 😂 going out in the mail Monday.
  3. I'm not sure I would post that online...double loss...ouch.
  4. Thanks folks! Appreciate the knowledge transfer on this site! 😃
  5. Awesome. Thank you. Given the abundance of Mustad hooks in my inherited arsenal that makes sense. /Clayton
  6. And then there is this plastic piece with a tie in point? Stumped - not that it takes much to stump me. Thanks again!!!! /Clayton
  7. Some more exotics if you know off hand. Thank you in advance.
  8. Digging in further... The white tail is very coarse 2" long hairs. Mink? The light grey fur is luxuriously soft The thin strip is uber soft As is the triangular patch The bird beak - I recognize the feathers from some of Normand's flys...Golden Pheasant? Can I use the yellow hairs on the head (for what?) in addition to the feathers? Again, thank you Wizards!
  9. Help me obi-wan kenobi - please. I'm trying to size these streamer hooks. 1) just shy 2" length, 7/16" gape 2) 1.5 inch length, 1/2" gape Thanks. Taking inventory to try and figure out what I can try to tie...
  10. Okay the fly tying journey continues. I inherited a bunch of floss. Superla fly tying floss 'distributed by herters' along with the other materials previously shared. Based on posts here and elsewhere, it looks like Floss is used as an underbody and was/is the go to for classic flys, like those tied by Normand Frechette and others. I'm still trying to figure out how to put my fly tying pants on and assume I should put this hoard of fly tying floss aside until I've got some more experience and perhaps choose to tie some classics. Thoughts? Thanks. Learning/absorbing a lot here!
  11. A fly tier proudly shows off his meticulously organized tying materials. Each box is labeled with intricate detail: "Mayfly nymphs, size 16-20," "Dry flies, classic patterns," "Woolly buggers, big and mean." Then, he points to a dusty, unmarked box in the corner. "That one," he whispers, "contains my secret weapon, the fly so deadly I haven't dared to tie it since 1978." A curious friend reaches for the box, only to find it empty. The fly tier winks and says, "That's the joke, son. It's the 'fish never see it coming' fly."
  12. I'll give it a go! Walt's Worm.
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