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Found 7 results

  1. Wooly Buggers are probably the most commonly used streamer ever created. They are also very versatile and can be used for almost all species of fish. From freshwater fish like trout, bass and crappie to even saltwater fish like surf perch, striper, and even sea trout, this fly will work for them all. I have personally fished wooly buggers in rivers, lakes, ocean surf, and in bays. Ive also fished the wooly bugger in California, New mexico, Colorado, and Texas with great success. But these will work throughout the world. This variation replaces the hackle with rubber legs. This gives the fly a bit more movement, and makes it look a little more interesting. I probably have the best luck with bass on this imitation, but I have caught my fair share of trout, redfish, and striper on this exact pattern. Hook: Daichi 1750 - size 8 Cone Head: Gold, 4.5mm Weight: 0.015 size lead wire Thread: UTC 140 denier - dark brown (use black if you have it) Tail: Black marabou Body: Black estaz Legs: Black silly legs
  2. I absolutely love the life palmered marabou produces in a pattern, but I can't seem to figure out how to downsize it for smaller trout jigs. Has anyone found a good way to create a palmered marabou micro jig? I know a lot of people change material when tying a smaller hook but for some reason the local trout go bonkers for marabou. I haven't had any success with palmered marabou I'm guessing due to the ridiculous length it creates off the hook shank. Directly tying the marabou to the hook gives me the length I want but I have a feeling a palmered marabou jig would turn bad days into productive days and good days into things of legend and lore. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!!
  3. The cone head marabou deceiver is a lot like my other video on the square tail marabou deceiver, however this has a weighted cone head to make it sink and have a jigging action. The marabou makes it have lots of great action, and the buck tail protects the softer marabou from getting ripped apart. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 Weight: 5/32" cone head Thread: Danville 210 waxed Tail: Marabou and krystal flash Wings: Bucktail Flash: Flashabou Eyes: 3D eyes size 5/32" Epoxy: Solarez "thin hard" and "bone dry" formula Music: Sunny, funnysong, happiness - Bensound.com Preparing Bucktail: https://youtu.be/glU67iVvkc0
  4. The square tail marabou deceiver is a great baitfish imitation. Its got a wide profile, and moves nicely in the water due to the marabou. The marabou is protected from being ripped up by the more durable buck tail surrounding it. This fly can be tied in a number of colors, and sizes. Making it great for a large number of fish species. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 Thread: Danville 210 waxed (pink) Tail: Marabou (hot pink) Flash: Flashabou (pearl) and krystal flash (pink) Wings: Bucktail (hot pink and white) Gill: Red krystal flash Eyes: Silver 3D eyes (size 5/32) Epoxy: Solarez "thin hard" and "bone dry" formulas Music: Sunny, funnysong, happiness - Bensound.com Linked video's: Preparing bucktail - https://youtu.be/glU67iVvkc0
  5. Morning / evening all Haven't been putting a lot up in the way of reports of late.. So just thought I'd pop a quick little post up highlighting a couple of my recent trips... Nothing special, but my sight fishing journey is coming along nicely, and the northern pikey bream here in NQld are a great place to learn important techniques wrt spotting fish and leading fish, and also honing my precision casting.... I've been focusing lately on 3 flies as well... The shrimp fly I tied for the 2nd annual redfish swap, a bms hammerhead style pattern, and also as of last week a cool zonker patterm, tied in a similar fashion to a tarpon leach or a bunny fly.... It has been a little quiet, depending on where I visit, but the good thing is, that patience and observance really pays off.... So... first.. I had a guy up from Sydney who actually usually fishes for Australian Bass and trout in the freshwater down there... His mission was to put a bend in his 6wt. Mission accomplished... Although he only boated one fish, he put a bend in his rod a couple of times, and also managed to sight enough to be enthused about re-aquainting himself with his own local saltwater estuaries when he got home Caught on an unweighted bucktail streamer Of course I managed a couple, and am really loving the fishability of the shrimp pattern I tied for the redfish swap... and of course my marabou thing simply drew fish from miles away... Then I went on a semi-solo mission to the south... exploring some water I don't usually fish.. It was tough.. But I managed to add a new species to that shrimp I tied. This weekend just gone was really no different... We would usually have had a club trip shceduled, but with 20 knots forecast we decided to postpone until this weekend (the chop on our bay can be real short and sharp... and definitely uncomfortable). One of the guys was still keen to fish, and so we headed North to Hinchinbrook so I could show him how I go about targeting the bream. Looking back towards the boat ramp cruising in my tinny Didn't take long for old mate to connect to something.. although first fish to the boat was a nice baby giant trevally that ate a pink over white clouser minnow. The second fish boated also ate a clouser minnow... by this stage we'd sighted a couple of fish.. but had not been successful in hooking up to a bream.... So.. it was with great anticipation that I ventured deeper into the mangrove lined creeks.... The fish weren't as prevalent as they cane be... BUT, there were enough around to keep us excited... especially when every good cast to a fish was rewarded with an eat.... I had tied six of my #2 zonker flies in a range of colours, and in the end it didn't matter which it was that I threw at them.. and I only brought one of them home with me (all lost to fish). The best thing is,... that now we have entered Spring.. These little blighters are going to continue schooling and being viable sight fishing options right up until we get our first flooding rains....
  6. Started fly tying last month and been doing a whole bunch of woolly buggers and worms. I would like to see everyone's woolly buggers and worms. Post them here, I know you have some or can tie some. Show your best or just show what you have tied. Doesn't have to be pretty, but the more images the better. Different styles and colors give us all new ideas on tying this fly.
  7. Where can I find this Marabou or what type is this? I got some from 3 different places. 1 has no life to it and takes about 8 feathers to make a big tail. (Ebay Skin Patch) 2 is straight with no fluff to it and has a damage strip in the middle of the sweet spot.. (Cabela's strung) 3 is too short and too fluffy and has not much fluff control.. (WB Marabou Hareline) What I need and I am looking for is what you see in these pictures attached. Is there a special name for this type or a special brand?
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