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Fly Tying
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Articulated Zoo Cougar

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I know this isn't much but I'm still looking. Check this one out. Not real good but all I have so far.


I cann't seem to find much on the articulated zoo cougar. That site I gave you will get you started, use your imagination and try to think what it should look like, then tie it. It might take you a few times but you'll get it!


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Let me know if you need more and we can try to set something up. This is the way I learned from tying with Kelly a few times.


start with the back hook

1. tie in yellow marabou approximatley length of hook shank

2. tie in pearl krystal braid at bend of hook and wrap forward with slightly overlapping wraps until you are about an eye and a hlaf back from the eye of the hook. every three wraps as you come forward pul straight down firmly on the braid to stratch it and help 'lock it' in place.

3. tie in a clump of yellow marabou on top of the shank

4. directly over the marabou tie in a clump of white calf tail. as you tie it in allow the thread to flatten it some across the top of the hook shank.

5. this is the most critical part...the mallard flank. You have to find a feather that meets the following criteria: 1. long enough to cover from the tie in point to the back of the marabou 2. straight stem that also does not twist. note that in a typical bag of mallard flank you may only have 6-10 feathers that fit the bill. It is critical you get this part right since the flank feather acts as a keel and if not chosen properly can turn your fly in to a big propeller. Once you have your feather place it on top of the hook shank give three wraps or so then check to be sure the feather is directly over the hook shank and not torqued, then finish tyin it in and tie off a head.


connecting the hooks

1. place the front hook in the vise

2. loop 20lb backing through the back hook. place the backing directly on top of the front hook shank and tie in. NOTE: the backing should be tied in directly vertical over the hook shank and not side by side. If directly vertical it gives you the best hinge. the backing loop should be no more than enough to allow the back hook to swing freely


front hook

1. follow back hook directions but leave room to tie in the collar and head

2. Tie in a collar of deer hair. NOTE: the cougars you buy at store ARE NOT TIED THE WAY THEY WERE INTENDED. The collar you want to tie is is double to triple the amount of hair on the collar you see tied commercially. The collar should extend back over the flank feather approximately 1/3 of the hook shank.

3. spin a bunch of deer hair in front of the collar. when you think you can't get any more on ....tie in more. Pach it in good for a nice tight head.

4. Shape th head to look like a D laying with it's back on the ground and tapered from front to back.

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