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Fly Tying

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Materials list for my version of Kent Edmonds Tokyo Spider.


Hook Mustad 94840 size 8

Thread Fly-master plus

Body 2mm craft foam cut in 3/8 wide strips

Legs Medium round rubber


Tie on and build a good thread base stopping thread halfway between the hook point and eye. Apply head cement or zap to thread base to help hold the foam strips in place.



Tie in one foam strip at the halfway point extending back.



Tie in second foam strip at the halfway point extending forward



Cut small foam strip, round corners on front side. Apply head cement or zap and place behind halfway point.



Pull rear foam strip over the small square and tie in.



Hold both strips up away from hook and advance thread forward behind eye. Tie off both strips. Trim the back strip flush with your tie off.



Soft wrap the thread back to the halfway point



Fold front strip back, tie in and trim.



Tie in legs. I prefer 2 strips per side. Apply glue of choice to entire exposed thread.


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A little small on the pictures but a very productive patern.


First time posting a step by step. Best pic I could get with the camera I used. Wouldn't focus up close. Time to update the camera for sure..


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Cool pattern. Been using a variant to make the Foam Grasshopper. Have been tying them using Wapsi's fly tying kit...


Lost our Betts Bream Getter to a snag. Luckily had a Wapsi Foam Spider Fly Tying Kit. Able to tie another one in short order. Did well but lost it to another snag... bummer.
No worries though... able tie another one and fished local ponds for a couple of weeks. Then, lost it today to a break off!
Good thing we have the fly tying kit handy... another Foam Spider in the fly box ready to go!

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