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Warning to sunset photographers....

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Hi all.

I've been doing landscape photography for

quite a few years now with lots of sunset shots

and bright daytime shots mixed in.

I recently found out that I have developed two

defects on my eye called a pterygium.

It is from getting too many ultraviolet rays of light through the lens

which hits the cornea(white part of the eye).

This results from sunburn on the cornea in a small area.

It is very common among surfers.

I got mine from getting too close to where the sun was shining

through my lens. Even briefly this is dangerous of course.

Mine as most others do, didn't spread any further over my eye

but it was alarming to say the least.

If you use a wide angle lens in daytime or shoot sunsets, be careful.

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I'm aware of the problems this can create. I have been told that if you are using a telephoto or super-telephoto lens with an extender or multiplier, you can receive permanent loss of vision if you focus directly on the sun. I was just on a two week vacation and took hundreds of landscape pictures in the bright sun during the day and at sunset. There was a few times when I pointed the camera somewhere I shouldn't have. I'm going to be more careful from now on and maybe use live-view occasionally. Hope you get better!



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No, a uv filter will not help! If you want to take photos with the direct image of the sun, you need to use a helio filter.


Also, Canon says to avoid direct images as it will also damage the camera sensor in their DSLR's, and your eyes.

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