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  1. I like the concept of your fly. Welcome back to the tying bench.
  2. Great looking spider,Turkish It should kill well.
  3. Sweat lookin Softy Carl,It kills well. Joe
  4. HI,THis is just a fun fly to tie and fish.Use it as a dry or wet fly,it works bothe ways.From mid April to the end of the season.Hook size #8 1x,Body-Flourescent Red uniyarn, Wing Calf tail.
  5. Wouldn't a uv filter help?Thanks for the heads or eyes up. All the Best,Joe
  6. I'd love to slow the shutter speed down on these two pics. Can you imagine the effect.These are really nice pics,I just like to take it to the next level. Joe
  7. People are never satisified.When we live in salmon country,we yern for palm tree country,in the off season,and vice versa.hehe I love those photos,with all the cold damp days here in Nova Scotia,these pictures kinda worm my heart. Keep shoting and All the Best,Joe
  8. Thank You.I'll do this trick tomorrow. All the Best,Joe
  9. The picture is georgious.Whats your equipment for this shot. All the Best,Joe
  10. GREAT pictures,Luiz I was wondering what these fish taste like.Do you eat any or throw them all back.Pitty if it's the latter. All the Best,Joe
  11. Might just have something there.It sure is going to be fun trying it out. All the Best,Joe
  12. If your looking for a fun all around fly,easy to tie and fishes on top of the water as good under the water,this is it. JP special Hook size 10-14 1x , 10's my size Body Flouresent red uniyarn Wing white hair,deer is good. Tied back over the body and hook end but sparsly. Fish it like a dry fly till it sinks,retreave it back like a wet fly.All the Best,Joe
  13. Rocco,WELCOME,from another newbie. These guys on here are great.Very helpful down to earth no stuffy shirts.Meat and potatoe guys. Having said that,Swedish,I use a dubbing loop to give my bodies some fuzzy size too.I use a .22 calibre wire cleaning brush to pick out dubbing.It's a whole lot easier to find. ALL the Best,Joe
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