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  1. Flafly- Great photo, good exposure, focus, and control of DOF. Yes, its been a while since anyone posted some images. Thanks for posting. Bill
  2. I agree with utyer & Bugsy. I read Charlie's statement in his book, and wondered if it was a misprint by his book publisher/editor. Instead of trying to figure out his statement, (and my advice to you) is to tie which ever way is most logical and comfortable to you. Bill
  3. Terje- This is one of your best photos yet! Compositionally you have a foreground, middle, and background. And your use of light is fantastic, love how the ice is backlit, with the structure of the ice showing. Exposure is perfect. In the States, we call those pyramid "cairns", which I believe originated with the Inuit Eskimos who used them as markers on trails, and also along shorelines when they were hunting. Thanks for posting. Bill
  4. Joseph- Sent you an e-mail. Reply back to me please. Bill (aka kentuckytroutbum)
  5. Terje- I'd take Joseph's suggestion of shooting lower. But I would also take a tall step ladder and shoot high. Ansel Adams shot a lot of his photos with a view camera (heavy!) mounted on a tripod from the top of his SUV. I'd use an ND filter also. Bill
  6. Fla Fly- Trick is to put your camera in a Ziploc bag sealed up and leave it outside for an hour to let the camera acclimate. Bill
  7. Terje- Awesome photo. Love the way you made use of leading lines to take the viewer thru the image. Great control of the light without blowing out the highlights. White balance is perfect! Thanks for posting. Bill
  8. Terje- Great photo! As Dave G stated, exposure of snow can be problematic. But another potential issue is white balance. You did an impressive work in managing both. Thanks for posting. Bill
  9. Terje- Great Photo. My experience has been when its that cold, it won't snow, because any water in the clouds is already frozen. Thanks for posting. Bill
  10. Terje- Great image! The wide dynamic range is impressive without blowing out the shadows & highlights. I'm sure it was difficult to capture under those conditions. Thanks for posting. Bill
  11. Terje- Another long exposure image. Nicely done. Bill
  12. I draw the line at road kill skunk. But I do watch for freshly killed squirrel. In Texas, we have plenty of armadillos, but they have no fur, so forget them. Bill
  13. Terje- Congratulations on the new lens. I really like the 24mm focal length. Great for shooting landscapes and astrophotography. ND filters are in my camera bag for sure. Smooths out waves and waterfalls. Enjoy your new "toys." Bill
  14. Terje- Great photograph. That's definitely what we call the "golden hour." Thanks for posting. Bill
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