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Played in the basement today (ManLand)

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So in my typical Saturday, I clean house, yard work, chores, relax, tie flies, reload bullets, dream of what flyfishing gear I think I need.


Today I was sorting through my uncleaned brass and somehow came across an unreloadable copper 9x19 casing. It must have gotten in my bag when my nephew thought it would be funny to dump the range empty's bucket in my range bag.... Still sorting through all the .22's.


Regardless I polished up the casing and drilled out the primer. I am the type of person to where if I find a piece of rubber tubing on the ground, I pick it up and hold on to it until till I find something I can put it on as a handle or whatnot. Hoarder, sure...


As I was sitting there thinking of what I could make to put it on or just stick it on something, I was cleaning my 5wt Cabelas rod/reel and I did a test fit on my reel handle... Perfect. So I super glued it on there. It extends the handle out another say 3/16" at best maybe just an 1/8th. But I really like it.



Then I had to go to Michael's with the Mrs. to get Thank You cards.... ELOPE... JUST ELOPE!!!!!!


And while I was at Michael's, I had the idea to make a fly tying tool holder... originally I was going to use a real nice looking piece of wood that still had the bark on the outside with no trimmed edges but it kept peeling off as I was walking through the store and I ended up going with a fully trimmed out piece. Whittling block and a blank plaque. Little bit of stain and wa-la.... Hope this might spark an idea for someone.


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That looks good on your reel, but if a large fish runs fast you may find that you have upset the ballence of your reel. Once had a large fish on a 2 weight, the reel had no counterbalance for the handle, and the rod was almost shaken out of my hand.


That tool holder is nice as well. I bet it didn't cost anywhere near the price asked for some of the commercial ones.


Wish I had a basement!




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Always wanted to make my own handle :D


looks great hope it dosnt vibrate out of your hand!

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i like your stuff very creative.


i made a tool holder out of a piece of drift wood from my river.

also a couple of hero fly displays on a rock shelf.


i saw a really cool tool holder i think on here made out of a deer antler

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