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  1. both of these crayfish have squirrel hair claws
  2. I like the tail length. I would try a little longer hook so the wing case isn't so far back on the body. im partial to this fly, I like it behind a small streamer, on the rare occasion im fishing for smaller trout not steelhead
  3. for streamers I like 3.5ft 30lb maxima chameleon, 1.5ft 20lb maxima utragreen, 2ft 10lb maxima ultragreen I would cut back to 1ft of 10lb utragreen then add 3-4ft 6lb maxima perfection for a nymph leader.
  4. try ultra chenille/vernille being denser it weaves better
  5. #16 copper john has always been a hot fly for me
  6. SUFFIX ELITE comes in a hi-viz. its a chartreuse color. I use it on my bobber pole & the secton of my leader the thingamabober goes on. SUFFIX SIEGE is a stiffer line that would be better for leader butts. it comes in an orange hi-viz. I have trouble seeing oranges & reds so I don't use it. I believe AMNESIA comes in multiple colors for hi-viz leader butts also
  7. I tried flies like this for steelhead 2 springs ago. the walleye nailed them! I used glo-bug yarn for the heads.
  8. I have trouble hooking crappie. you see them swallow the fly feel nothing then they spit. if you strike when you see them swallow the fly just comes out of their mouth. I think most of the 1s ive caught hooked themselves.
  9. cut double salmon hook for a shank. someday I want to bump up to waddingtons! wire 3 dark red transparent beads #2 red gamakatsu hook skirt of flytiers dungeon H20 BAITFISH flash skirt of the longest pheasant rump I had body of rootbeer diamond braid palmered with a variant saddle hackle wing of pheasant marabou tented with 2 short wide variant hackles red dumbbell eyes wrapped with rootbeer pearl chenille
  10. I dye mallard with onion skins all the time to make a "wood duck" substitute. add a little vinegar to your dye. it will help set the color. I dry my feathers 1st in paper towel squeezing the water from them. then I put them in an old pillow case tie a knot in the top throw it in the drier.
  11. SCULPIN INTRUDER tied this last night fished it this morning. got a 12" rainbow & a 6lb golden redhorse sucker. saw the sucker come out of a hole & up off the bottom to smash it!
  12. yea im talking about the natural orange feathers. red is a good tailing color though.
  13. they are this shiny I didn't use a flash when I took the pic. the eyes are just glued to the sides so no weight. the flash is coated with sally hansens hard as nail to the hook bend to reduce tangling & wrapping. as for old enough I use salted minnows for steelhead under the bobber in the winter. living in Michigan im a fresh water guy but I kinda stole this fly from the salties.
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