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Clouser's first time

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Went to BPS to get some extra stuff that I didn't have laying around for some clousers. Found Bob's Clouser video on this forum and figured I would give them a shot. Bought 10 red dumbbell eyes, flash, white thread, and some extra size 6 hooks


got home and started tying. I couldn't stop.








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Went to my farm pond today and got out in the jon boat and caught crappie, bass, and bluegill on the new clousers... favorite colors were darkgreen and white, chartreuse and white, and red yellow and green.


Had a great day pulling in so many fish on flies that I tied

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Nice job! Feels good to catch fish on flies you tied... It is kind of addicting isn't it!

The clouser is a great pattern. Tie them bigger or smaller, use natural or synthetic materials they catch fish!!!

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