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Fly Tying
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Casting with tippet rings/swivels

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In MN it is legal to use up to 3 flies on a flyrod only. I often used a trace of wet flies while panfishing the lakes around our summer camper on seasonal lake lot. Fishing from docks it was surprising how often you could end up with 2 or 3 'gills that way. Using the setup with blood knots and long tag ends it may have wrapped around itself some but fish didn't seem to care and tangles only resulted when you screwed up a cast or set the hook and recoiled line into a mess at your feet. One time a group was down at the lake having a big BBQ cookout (us included) and I was at end of dock amusing them with a flyrod, of which I was only one in camp with one, and sometimes catching 3 at once. The coup de gras for my end fly came when I had a couple of small 'gills on and a small bass took the end fly. As I lifted the stringer of fish from the water the bass splashing around drove a big northern to where he couldn't take it anymore and exploded on the bass, taking the fish, the fly, and almost causing me to back into the lake if it had been a narrower dock. Didn't get a good look at surprise Northern Pike but that lake produced a lot of them for me from 36"-42", or 15 to over 20#s.

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