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  1. John, have just looked through a few of your previous posts . They all look pretty darn good although the head does let you down a little on this one . A little large for a Dee fly . all over very good work Cheers
  2. Phil. its a Partridge N #2/0 low water Cheers
  3. haven`t spent much time over here lately so here`s a little comeback fly if you like Might find it`s way to Northen Climes shortly Cheers
  4. Love it !!! Easy to see where Dad gets his talent from Cheers
  5. Like this`un . tops!!!! and not like Alex I can see through the haze
  6. Top set of tubes . Looking good Cheers
  7. Jens, I reckon that should stir things along Cheers
  8. And all the best from the land of OZ Downunder :cheers: :drunk: :bugeyes:
  9. great work young feller . very well proportioned flies and a top finish on all of them Cheers Bob
  10. Rocky. That one is a b----y b--l tearer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bugeyes:
  11. A lean, mean fish catching machine :devil:
  12. Top flies :headbang: for a top salmon fishery
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