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  1. Hi I will like to order the following 1 FTF Black 2XL 1 FTF Kelly 2XL 1 FTF MLB 2XL regards Jens
  2. Hi all I am looking for the pattern and tying instruction for the Paulson's Titanic (skating dry fly) can anyone help me out? (a link will do nicely) regards Jens
  3. Hi Nick Here is a picture of the Slime And if you want a reference get hold of Mike Crosbys book "River Talk" In there is also the pattern description. Regards Jens
  4. Hi Jeremy This one is tied on a Partridge single low water size 6. Regards Jens PS thank you guys for your comments
  5. Hi Mike Beautifull Beauly Snowfly. In my view this relatively small fly looks great with swords instead of herls. But as Bad Fish Rising rightly says it would be difficult on a 3/0 or 3" waddington shank to get the right proportions without using herl (the fly often tied with 8-12). If you havent tried it yet I can asure that you will be possitivly surprised by the movement of the herls in the water. I saw it demonstrated by MIST (the Finnish guy from the Classic forum) on the Danish Fly Festival last year. WOW. regards Jens
  6. Hi Bruce I think you are on the right track. Spey flies are beautifull flies to tie and a challange as well. Unfortunately some scottich guys 180 years ago came up with the idea to use bronze mallard on these Shrimp/prawn imitation, because that is what it was ment to be, and the mallard feathers should imitate the back or carapace of the shrimp. My advice is to keep on trying and as Mike put it. It takes a few to get it right. Frank Swarners step by step is good. Other references could be John Sheweys book "Spey flies and Dee flies" or "Spey Flies" by Bob Veverka. My hint is to only use the best part of the feathers (there is less than 1½ - 2 inches on each feather useable) and make sure that there are no destroyed fibers and that the fibers are married well before starting to tie them in. Take a look on the feather on the picture. Second picture is my attempt on the Balck King regards Jens
  7. HI Frank i hope you had a good entry to the new year. I sent you a new PM. Regards Jens
  8. Hi everybody happy New Year Hi Frank So am I It is stunning that such a small and simple fly can make Atlantic salmon go nuts! Did you read my PM ? and if so are you able to help me out? Regards Jens
  9. Hi all First "Merry Christmas everyone" Here is an simple but very effective salmon fly "The Blue Charm"in a hair wing version. regards jens
  10. Hi All Here is another of the old Spey flies, the Gold Reeach This one is not with herron feathers as hackle but cock schlappen, front hackle is guinea fowl. Hope you lke it. regards Jens
  11. Hi all thanks for the comments to Claus I hope you mean "teacher" and not "cheater" Here is the top view. Is it acceptable? regards Jens
  12. Hi all Here is an old standard from the Spey. "The Carron Fly". The special feature of this fly is the body hackle, wich is a black breast feather from an old herron. It gives this flowing delicate look. (I know it is impossible to get in the States because it is prohibited by law). In Denmark it is legal to posses but it is not easy to come around. That said I hope you like it. Here is the pattern Hook: CS10/1 #2/0 Ribs: Flat and oval silver tinsel Reverse rib: Fine oval silver tinsel Body: Orange Berlin wool Body hackle: Black breast feather form herron Fronthackle (optional): Teal (I used widgeon) Wings: Bronze mallard Head: Black Regards Jens
  13. Very nice These Steelhead Speys looks very atractive and the color combination with purple and red works. regards Jens
  14. hi Paul Great fly - beautifully tied as always. :thumbsup: I think you tie superb heads that really finish the fly well. This one "Only Purple" looks to me as a late evening fly for the big Scandinavian seatrouts. Have you ever tried this pattern? Regards jens
  15. Hi Rocky The Woody is a nice looking Spey fly with an atitude saying:" I am ready"!. The wing? is it one feather tied in on top or is it two strips? difficult to see Regards Jens
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