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  1. Every time I go anywhere I always bring TOO MUCH STUFF. I end up bringing enough to tie every and any fly from classic salmon to basic trout flies. My problem is I never know what I will be in the mood to tie - so I bring the whole lot. It sucks actually, it takes forever to pack and 98% doesn't get used, then there's unpacking. What I want to know is how does one go about bringing it back a little? Does anyone take just a few hackles instead of the whole neck? How and in what do you pack your materials? Pictures anyone? I need change. Best Scott
  2. I agree, I use Whiting capes in Silver and Pro where I can get them. I am in the process of replacing all my old capes. They are basically useless to me after tying with Whiting. Especially with grizzly which tends to be webbier. Hate to have to do it, seems like a waste but all the Metz and others are just too stiff after tasting the fruit of Whiting. Real nice stuff. Real nice.
  3. http://ns33014.ovh.net/~dessaign/Lesmouche...on_sommaire.htm in French, but with pictures go to emergers and seches. Bad ass!!
  4. And I'm looking for a copy of the issue with Don Bastian's comeback of the wet fly. Anyone know where I can get a copy? Scott
  5. I have all my feathers and hooks sent to work. No explanations necessary! Why it took me so long to figure that out is beyond me. Next thing she'll be asking for my bank statements... Why is it so hard for women to realize the importance of long-stemmed mottled peacock quills, Amherst Pheasant and bustard florican substitutes?? I mean, really, what's more important, an engagement ring or pile of exotic bird plumage?? Huh?
  6. Oh hell yeah!! That there, is a BEAUTY!!
  7. Go here: http://www.thehighlanderway.com/ Then read "Clyde Style Flies" by John Reid.
  8. Ha! This is so funny! I've actually had my dog 'undress' three fully dressed atlantic salmon flies, some of my first actually. My girlfriend/fiance was pissed that I left them "out" (they were on the kitchen table). I don't know how he managed not to cut his mouth on the 3/0 hooks!!!
  9. Ummmm, I think I see a little too much of myself in that one. Flies at work. Tieing table at dinner table. Piles of every book and magazine imaginable. Arguements over yard/house work and fishing. Leaving work early to catch the Cahills hatching.... Should I be worried here??
  10. You really must make us a DVD, or a book. You are very gifted. Thanks for sharing!!
  11. I'd kill to throw those on my local high mt. stream, look great!
  12. If those won't catch em, nothing will. I especially love your slender body version. Nice ties!
  13. Wow, I've seen some CDC flies in my day, but those guys are BEAUTIFUL!! I also recommend this site for more on CDC. http://ns33014.ovh.net/~dessaign/Lesmouche...es_sommaire.htm
  14. You shouldn't keep any. You should send them to me.
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