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  1. Long, What a simply beautiful fly...perfectly tied :yahoo: The way it looks best IMHO. Pedro.
  2. Stack, Sorry you didn't make it to the BFFI 2006. It was a fantastic show and I was looking forward to seeing you there. Mr. Cooper and gang did a splendid and most professional job in organising the fair. Hope to see you at the next one. Greetings from Ireland, Peter Dunne (aka. Pedro)
  3. Scott, Thanks for the amazing story and beautifully-tied symbolic fly. Glad to see in these days of politically correctedness (bullshit) a man isn't afraid or ashamed to share his faith and love for The Lord of Lords :yahoo: . Amen brother and keep up the inspiring work. Interestingly enough I have a pattern that I tied in honour of God's greatness in creation and I will share it with you here very soon. In fact, it won Gold in the Mustad Scandinavian Open a number of years back. BTW, I was tying at the 2006 British Fly Fair International...had a fantastic time there, and spent the usual on feathers and some very desirable books!!! Pedro. :headbang: :cheers:
  4. Goku, Looking forward to seeing you there. Don't worry you will do really fine...we're all a nice bunch of people and you will sure fit in. As regards the language...you do tie flies don't you? Well that's our international language. Tight wraps. Pedro.My Webpage
  5. BUD, SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Pedro.
  6. Dear Flytying Friends, The results for the 2006 Irish Open Flytying Championships are now online for viewing at www.flytying.sitestogo.biz/ Once again congratulations to Mikko Stenberg, Finland on his fantastic success in winning the coveted "Open Champion" title. Well done also to Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi, Finland, who came 2nd overall and to Peter Kealey, N. Ireland who finished a close 3rd this year. All category winners and runners deserve a friendly pat on the back as the standard was very high in all categories. Photos will go online this month when I get my new camera equipment and a commentary on the 2006 Championships will follow shortly after that. Congratulations and thanks must go to all participants for without your support these Championships would not be possible. Sincerely yours, Peter Dunne. Director.My Webpage
  7. Hello everyone, Yes a hearty CONGRATULATIONS must go to Mikko Stenberg for his well-deserved success in winning the 2006 Irish Open Flytying Championship. Mikko's flies were of the very highest standard and it was such a pleasure to have Mikko join us at the Menlo Park Hotel in Galway over the weekend. For me it was a personal pleasure to finally meet Mikko and I must admit that he is a real gentleman and a superb fly tyer/ fly caster. Greetings to everyone from Ireland. Peter Dunne.My Webpage
  8. Ronn, I am so very sad to hear that Jean-Guy (jan-guy as I knew him) is close to the end as I had always hoped that he would pull through. Jean Guy was a friend of mine and I lived just a few miles from him when I was in Québec in the late nineties. He was the man who pointed me in the right direction when I expressed an interest in competititon flytying and helped me in so many ways with free materials etc. I used to do a bit of work with him and helped promote his wonderful products in the USA on just a few occasions when I was fortunate enough to be available. He was also so willing to sponsor our Irish Open Competition with flytying materials and was for me a personal friend. Last time I spoke with Jean Guy was 15 months ago when we had supper together at Gaetan Poirier's house in St. Therese, Quebec. We compared cameras anad I showed him my latest Traherne patterns...he was as always so gracious in his comments. I hope I get the chance to speak to him one more time. Ronn thank you for bringing this sad and happy news to our attention. Peter Dunne
  9. Miikka, That is a really nice example of Tannatt's Black Ranger. You have a superb eye for balance and your technique is excellent. Pedro.My Webpage :headbang:
  10. Dave, Those are two lovely flies. Man you sure do get through flies at a rate few can equal. I certainly couldn't tie that many so quick. :dunno: Pedro.
  11. Hi Arska, A fine example of a lovely simple fly from Blacker. By the way I use the same technique for my herl heads. Great technique :yahoo: Pedro.
  12. Fabulous fly yet again Davie. Lovely talking to you a while ago. Pedro. :headbang: :headbang:
  13. Dave, One of my favourites from Land & Water and you did a fabulous job. Pedro. :headbang:
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