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  1. Wow: 1st time I've seen wet and dry photos of a fly posted together - very interesting (awesome work, too!) Cheers! Gary
  2. Bud, You are an AMAZING person. Simply amazing. Cheers! Gary
  3. Several people have asked for my mailing address, email address, etc, while I'm away in Afghanistan. Instead of trying to remember the email addy of everyone who asked, I decided to make a web page and then use the "shotgun approach" for distribution. So, for anybody who cares, here's how to get hold of me for the next 7 months: http://www.themadores.ca/contact.htm There's also a link there to a "daily journal" that I'll be working on, um, daily. Cheers! Gary
  4. Damn: So much for the $75 I was gonna toss on the table Cheers! Gary
  5. Thanks guys. Cheers, Damian! Gary
  6. Coffee and fish? Will do. I am off as well. You can call anytime, too: It's just me and the mutt here until the 29th. Cheers! Gary
  7. Wow, thanks again for the wishes, guys! Ash: Closer to when we go, maybe you can tell me where you can be found over there... Gary: Which one: The Payne, the Leonard, or the Dickerson? Eat your heart out! Cheers! Gary
  8. Thanks everyone! Graham: Yeah, I'll send you photos of anything interesting I find out there Cheers! Gary
  9. Gary Madore

    Hey Ashby!

    Just got my orders the other day: I'm off to Afghanistan (Kandahar) for almost 7 months... Feb thru August 2007. I'll bring ya home a spider or something Cheers! Gary
  10. Ash, That's just sick, man. Plain sick. (I guess that's testament to how good that spider is) Cheers! Gary
  11. Dustin, You don't wanna know who owns (and manufactures) Redington reels! :hyst: Cheers! Gary
  12. I'd have to say my first was my favourite... It was new and amazing and cool and all that jazz :headbang: Cheers! Gary
  13. Gary Madore

    I'm home

    Welcome home, Ash! How's the tan? Cheers! Gary (Canadian Air Force)
  14. Mine's the first fly I ever tied (I haven't come very far since!) I would use a photo of me, but then I have to deal with autograph seekers, wanton women, etc., etc.... Cheers! Gary
  15. Graham, That's just plain scary! It's so realistic that I wouldn't want that fly in my house. No kidding. Cheers! Gary
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