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  1. Its like a wonderfull mixture of a sreamer and a wet fly (with the caracteristics of a wet fly meaning the wing).
  2. I really enjoyed yhe wet and dry flys ROCK ON!!!!!!!
  3. Pleas send me a copy of the picture and recipy!!!
  4. Hey could you pleas send me a picture with a recipy pleas??
  5. I like how theres just a little bit of glitter, just enogh to attract the fish but not to much so that it scares them away.
  6. Whats whith the picture in the back ground, did it come with the flies or are you just adding that for authenticity?
  7. As long as your parents are OK with it! BFR Cool then, I'll just have to figure out what to tie. Decisions, decisions. I gues that i'm allowed then . Let the tying, begin!!! :wheelchair: P.S., I'm actually only 14
  8. Hey is it too late to start another one! I'll join urs!!
  9. Well, up here in Ottawa Ontario (Canada) the only people I know of that fly fish/tie are the guyes that work at the fly shop.And theres only one fly shop that I know of. I'm 14.
  10. I would like to be in if there any room. I'll try my best, its my first time.
  11. Are there any under 16 year olds that are interested in fly swaps? I'm just wondering if there is anyone my age out there! :dunno:
  12. What will i require to get my next upgrade (roughfly) :bs:
  13. What about the HMH line. Thats pretty good. Well i use the renzeti travelers. I like alot!!
  14. Hey guys, i've been on this web site for almost a year now, and was wondering, how can you upgrade the, what ever you call it, thing that says if your advenced or beginner??? :dunno:
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