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  1. Vices, Thanks for the reply. I understand fully about work and time. I should be getting the flies in the mail this week. I just read my post and couldn't believe that was my writing. Sorry for the post, I was having a bad day, kids, wife, dog, you know the story. Thanks again, BH#1
  2. As of now I haven't received any address info, if this swap is going to be delayed like this I'm going to have to drop out. Please advise.
  3. For real? If so, I think you have the latest in fishermen catching bugs. How long did it take to create? As long as the gestation of the egg? You could call it Stem Cell Research........ Good job.
  4. Friend of mine took his son to a reserve and left him take one with an inline. Cut some off of it and stuffed in a zip-lock just in case.
  5. Can Wild boar hair be used in any bugs? Anyone ever use it?
  6. Never did this before. But what the heck, I'm in. I'll tie a Beadhead Pheasant Tail nymph size 14.
  7. I wonder how the marabou will hold up in currents, drops etc.... I tied a bugger the other night, I was trying to come up with a pink(shrimp) colored bugger and decided to just use pink yarn counter wrapped with gold oval tinsel and hackled with white hen saddle with pink chenille as the tail. It looks awesome, I don't know if its going to work, but thought it would be good for some of the dumb hatchery fish in the spring.... To thicken the body a little I wrapped .015 lead wire the full length of the shank. Also figured I could use the weight.
  8. Read an article, I believe it was in Fly Rod & Reel about tying wool flies and how they have been almost forgotten in recent years. Low and behold I visited my local taxidermist and found some roving (raw, right out of the Rockies) wool, it still has the briars and brambles in it. Because of its natural lanolin properties unwashed and unscrubbed is better. Was going to try some dry patterns. Anyone have another good source on the net for some instruction or recipe?
  9. Sorry, posted to wrong board.
  10. Need some help. I have plenty of deer hair (clippings from my local taxidermist) but would like to know how you dye it. I'm basically just looking to make some black and white. Thanks in advance
  11. Good job. I have to tell my tying bench story now. I was looking for something inexpensive (ok I'll say it) cheap. Maybe a cheap computer table from Big Lots, or Kmart or somewhere and couldn't find anything that really caught my fancy, so going home from work one day I just happened to glance into a used furniture store and saw a roll top desk. What the heck, I'll stop and see what he wants for it.......After careful examination of the desk I saw a price tag of $150.00 (It's not solid wood, mostly laminates) The owner did not hesitate to drop to $100 without saying a word. so I did some more examination and said well, I'd give you $75, and without hesitation he said it's yours. Turns out the owners wife bought it brand new for $350 a year ago for him and he had no use for it. But made me a dang good tying desk.......
  12. Appreciate the answers and info. Got to Get some of that there stuff on the Southbound side. Thank you all. bonehead
  13. Been tying for a few months and learning daily. The only place I get stumped and don't think I'm learning fast enough is the materials (names, what part of animal, what's natural and what's not etc....) For instance, what is CDC? Are there any links that may be helpful in understanding the materials and where they come from, used for etc.
  14. Just a quick opinion check. Do you have a preference on yarn for sucker spawn or does the Walmart off the shelf stuff work just as well as Orvis angora?
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