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  1. Christmas in July ????? I've got one word Bob, PERFECT !!!! Looking forward to the posts Cheers, Speyman
  2. Great looking hexagenia nymph!!!!! That will catch some fish!!!!! Cheers, Speyman
  3. Fishy,Very Fishy, and reminiscent of the grub flies nice tyes CNC Cheers, Speyman
  4. Fantastic Spey Variant Ray, I think its very fishy !!!!!!! Speyman
  5. Awesome Flies Bob, I really like the tubes also, Always look forward to your posts, Cheers, Speyman
  6. Great Tube, I'd be more than happy to swim that over some steelhead !!! Nice job, Cheers, Speyman
  7. Lovely fly Jens, I agree with Redwings about a lot of haiwings tyed with with too much hair, making them stiff, could you post the recipe for this little charmer? I would love to give this one a go over here on the Steelhead!!! Cheers, Speyman
  8. I'm ready to swing one of these!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Stonefly Nymph, Speyman
  9. Hey James, All good words have already been spoken here, I'll add just a few other thoughts, There isn't the perfect all around 1 rod set-up. Thats why alot of us spey guys/junkies have several rods for different situations/fisheries. Is there a shop close by that has access to water nearby so you can try them out before you buy? Sometimes the staff has rods to try out with them in a class style format before you buy. Grass casting is NOT truly representative of the rods capabilities or shortcomings, If you are a steelheader, the rods ability to lift a sink tip with a large fly and break the TENSION OF THE WATER, NOT THE GRASS at the start of every cast is paramount. All spey casts have some form of a anchor point and keeping the rod in the correct amount of tension during the casting process is what makes or breaks the cast. nrthcsteel hit the nail square on about rod/line combinations, Ask yourself "how am I going to use this rod?" heavy sink tips/ large flies or floating lines/leaders/smaller flies trout or steelhead, big water/ little water etc. and keep asking the questions as they come up. I hope that you are able to take some time, visit some good shops and as was already suggested visit the speypages, there is alot of info there. I hope that this is helpful, Cheers Speyman
  10. I REALLY like this fly Bob, This years runoff here is unusually high and expected to last for sometime. Black and Blue tubes/Intruders are a killer pattern in the winter fishery here when the clarity is around 3-5 feet. This pattern should be excellent here this summer as the conditions start to moderate and I'm looking for a smaller fly to work the smaller current seams in light glacial silty conditions that come up in the p.m. when temps have risen and the snow and ice is burning off. Your fly looks Extremely fishy, very translucent, and with a lot of wing movement. :headbang: Speyman
  11. Nicely Done !!!!! Is that widgeon on the roof? looks like a great summer steelhead pattern !!! Welcome to the forum !!!!!!
  12. I think the fish may need a more sporting chance, those are fine looking weapons you tyed there
  13. Theres going to be a lot of movement in the marabou on your G.B variant !!!!!!!!!!!!! Extraordinarily Fishy !!!!!!!!!!!! Great Fly Speyman
  14. Looks awesome, when you say resurrected did you repair, or rebuild in a fashion? I think that this one is ready for a worthy Steelhead Great Job!!!!!!!! Speyman
  15. Very Very nice tye, I see this as a Summer Steelhead pattern. Reds and blacks are effective color combos out here, usually late pm when sun is just about off the water Pattern is somewhat reminiscent but altogether different of Alec Jacksons Guinea Spade which is also a good Summer pattern here. :cheers: Speyman
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