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  1. I like the trim wraps too! Nice work.
  2. Nice work Mike! I have made quite a few sheaths and knife scales , it's a fun hobby and a great way to make use of my belt sander. Be careful - leather working is as addictive as fly tying and rod building.
  3. jimk


    There are indeed grayling in Colorado.
  4. http://www.taylorflyfishing.com/type1/ These reels are awesome!
  5. I use a 9 ft 3 wt for bluegill frequently and I toss both bluegill size poppers and weighted nymphs with a strike indicator. Little or no wind is necessary but the fishing is a blast with the setup. I also love the Dancraft 3/4 wt 10' rod I made a while back for bluegill. http://www.rodbuildingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=24090&hl=dancraft
  6. jimk


    Heh more hobbies than I know what to do with really. Photography, birdwatching ,archery, wood turning,aquarist,gardening, biking, hiking, fly fishing, fly tying, fly rod building, cooking, baking,pickling, cheese making, that's just a start. The cure for boredom is curiosity,there is NO cure for curiosity.
  7. Try a pistol pete http://www.trails.com/how_39962_pistol-pete-fly-tying-instructions.html Blasphemy, I know but they really do work
  8. Rod building forum remembers my login enough to let me see new content but says my user name or password is incorrect if I try to sign in. It will not let me create a new account and will not send the reset password email to me either.
  9. I have not used film for years. Still have the equipment but digital has replaced all of that by now.
  10. Beautiful field of flowers!
  11. I use Cocoons - they fit right over my prescription glasses and the polarization and uv protection is awesome. Price isn't bad either. http://shop.liveeyewear.com/p/cocoons-slim-line-ish-monroe-pro-sunglasses-m-black-frame-copper-lenses?pp=8
  12. Fly tying is a wonderful hobby, but rather addictive. If you need help, this is the place.
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