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  1. Kudu

    Rain Gear

    What rain gear do you like and why? I am preparing to buy new rain gear for my son and myself. He fishes competitively for his local school and year around so it needs to be dry and warm. The are in which we live, Kentucky, gets some very cold and wet weather. We have used Huk, top level Frogg Toggs, Bass Pro, and others and have not managed to stay dry and warm. Im considering Simms at the moment but wanted to hear from yall. Thanks
  2. Yes. They work. They tear very easily though.
  3. I have a leader tied from it that I got in a swap. Never tied with it.
  4. Thierault Flies out of Maine. Buy the whole tail
  5. Please past pics. This fly is a nemesis. Netabrookie check out the Fox Statler sowbug. My version doesnt look great. Anyway smash the lead wraps with pliers. Makes it imitate movement.
  6. I think I saw on here a simple CDC pattern that used twisted cdc as the body of the fly and cdc as the wing. Id like to watch the sbs again but cant find it. It was very simple and well done. It may have been by Lucian but not certain. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Cool! The microwave guide system is great!
  8. Use Mcfly foam as the head instead of a bead
  9. Silver Thanks for posting that cast. Very graceful.
  10. Willie You are an excellent storyteller
  11. The wiggle minnow has a bent hook that has a longer shank than an octopus hook. I dont know if thats the problem or not but maybe. Your flies look nice.
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