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  1. Welcome . You'll find a bunch of great guys and gals on here . :bait
  2. ive been tying for 18 yrs. and helped out at a local middle school flytying club since 1996 . tight lines , jim
  3. :dunno: ive got some mustad 79666 # 6 s qty. 125 . :hyst: been puting off on tying with them because i dont know what patterns to tye :dunno: :wallbash:
  4. awesome fly you tied bob . tight lines , jim
  5. i was on here the other day and noticed some different ice patterns that people had on there profiles and was wondering if you guys could post them on here with the instructions or the flie recipe . it would be greatly apprecciated if you could . thanks , jim
  6. ask your mechanic for old windshield washer pump motors they replace. or if you can stand the gas smell ,,old fuel filter .
  7. deeky and streamside , thanks for your input and also the link . thanks , jim http://www.michiganbogger.com
  8. hi , i was wondering if anybody could please post on step by step tutorials , on how to tye the krystal bullet ? the only materials on the flie is , krystal flash pulled back bullet style over chenille body . it would be greatly appreciated . thanks , jim
  9. chip , thanks for posting the flys you tied , very well done . that gives me some more ideas . jim
  10. welcome to the forum . theres a bunch of great people on here . jim
  11. hi , im going to get polar bear hair from one of my friends that lives in alaska in june . was wondering what patterns i could tye with it ? i know of one it would be " skykomish sunrise " . any other ones ? jim
  12. this is a good step - by - step . http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/february2006/112 jim
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