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  1. That is the order of events! First material applied to last!
  2. On a wet March Brown kick today. No. 12 from North Country flies by T. E. Pritt Hook. Allcocks #6812 wet size 12. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer Lt. Orange #6a. Wing. Hen pheasant folded. Tail. Partridge split. Body. Lt. Orange silk dubbed with hares ear and yellow mohair mixed. Rib. Yellow button hole twist. Hackle. Partridge.
  3. The March Brown. No. 13 from North Country Flies by T.E.Pritt Hook. Daiichi 1480 size 12. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer Lt. Orange #6a. Body orange silk dubbed with Fox ear. Hackle. Woodcock outer covert feather.
  4. Gray Fox Variant. Hook. Allcocks model perfect w170 size 14. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer Primrose. Tail. Ginger. Body. Stripped Lt. Ginger Quill. Hackle. Cree and grizzly mixed.Size 8
  5. The Bronze Quill. Hook. Daiichi 1180 size 12. Thread. UTC 70 denier wood duck. Wing. Grizzly Hackle tips. Tail. Bronze Dun (flame). Body. Stripped Peacock. Hackle. Bronze Dun (flame).
  6. For those who are in the midst of the Grannom Fly Hatch from North Country Flies by Pritt the Greensleeves. Hook. Alex Jackson North Country Fly size 13. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer bright green #18. Body. Green silk. Hackle. English Woodcock under covert feather.
  7. The Plover Dun Hook size 14. Silk. Pearsalls copper. Body copper silk dubbed with pine squirrel. Hackle. Golden Plover outer covert!
  8. Split Tail,CDC Hendrickson Dun. I have been tying this fly for over 30 years now.
  9. Just starting seeing the Riseform my favorite hatch of the year. Grannom Flies.
  10. From the North Country The Dark Needle Spider. Hook. Daiichi 1180 size 12. Silk. Pearsalls Gossamer Brown/gold #6b which is very rare!. Head. Magpie Herl. Hackle. Brownish sparrow from where the body meets the wing. Body. Brown/gold silk.
  11. From Brook and River Trouting by Hatfield Edmonds #10 the Dark Needle. Hook. Daiichi 1480 size 12. Silk. Pearsalls Gossamer Brown orange #6b which is very rare. Head. Magpie Herl. Body. Brown orange silk. Hackle. Brownish Starling from where the wing meets the body.
  12. If you notice there is no thread in front of the peacock Herl. The Herl is the first thing on the hook and then the Hackle is tied in ,wound ,and tied off. The body which is silk is wound back midpoint of the barb and then wound forward and whip finished just behind the wing forming a sort of thorax.Thanks for the compliment.
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