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  1. The Jenny Lind from The Complete Fly Tier by Rube Cross.
  2. Walt Dette Rifle Dun tied on an Allcocks 6812 size 14.
  3. The Blue Fox from Any Luck be Eugene Connett 1933
  4. The Hendrickson . Dressing from a Book of Trout Flies by Preston Jennings. Hook. Allcocks model perfect w175 size 10. Silk Pearsalls gossamer yellow. Wing. Wood duck. Tail. Wood duck. Body. Fox fawn colored. Hackle. Rusty Dun.
  5. The Snipe Bloa #29 from North Country Flies by T. E. Pritt. Hook. Daiichi 1130 size 14 emerger. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer yellow. Body. Same. Hackle. Snipe.
  6. The Grey Watchet North Country Spider.
  7. The Big Indian. Hook. Mustad 3906 size 10. Body. Pearsalls gossamer yellow. Rib. Orange silk. Hackle. White hen. Wing. Yellow mallard primaries
  8. The Beaverkill Hook. Mustad 3906 size 12. Tail. Gray mallard long. Body. White silk. Hackle. Brown. Wing. Light mallard primaries Head. Black.
  9. In regards too the space behind the eye on a Catskill style fly. Most people think that I t was used for a turle type knot. This is totally incorrect. If the space was for this knot why don't we see it on period wet flies and nymphs of the time. Check it is not there. HarryDarbee in his book gives a lengthy explanation of the reason why. He states that a Catskill style dry fly usually tied on a size 12 hook has the wing set back on the shank of the hook at the expense of a shortened body and leaving a bare shank at the head. This is done to better balance the fly and aid in flotation. Vince Marinaro used the same concept on his thorax style dun. Tom
  10. The Fish Fin from plate #2 of Just Fishing by Ray Bergman. Hook. Mustad 3906B size 12. Body. Pearsalls Gossamer Salmonberry (pink) Hackle. Furnace. Wing. White duck primaries. Head. Black
  11. Thank you guys it is part of a little project I am doing the "kill" (river) series of flies that Bergman presented in his book Just Fishing. The pictures are in the book but no recipes so there is some interpretation going on here.
  12. The Wallkill from plate #3 of Just Fishing by Ray Bergman. The wing on this fly is Mandarin Duck.
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