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  1. A fool and his, you know what are soon parted. BTW, I can't believe that anyone can think poorly of you Mark
  2. I think the flies look just fine. That magnet looks like it could have de-hooked you. 🤣
  3. I'll add that it's real important whenever you're out fishing.
  4. I think the root of the problem was the Bob Seeger. The hook incident particularly where it went deeper from getting caught in the rug sent chills up my spine. Stitches? And let's see the Gordon's you tied.
  5. A generic mayfly nymph. Using after shaft from a Hun for the legs. Mallard flank tail, Swiss straw wingcase, semperfli 12/0 brown olive thread, trout hunter brown C.E.N dubbing abdomen and thorax. Size 18.
  6. Bruce, those are way too nice to fish with.
  7. From the "Nemesis" thread. SalarMan mentioned Vince Marinaro's X wrap hackle collar. Well the drawings in "In The Ring of The Rise" aren't very helpful I decided to take on that "project". This is the latest attempt. Size 18, Bennichi 14/0, CDL tails, thread body, hackle tip wings, ginger whiting hackle, super fine pale yellow thorax. It's much easier when you use McFlylon or Z-lon for the wings.
  8. That's what it's about
  9. Tough question. What I do is always start my thread at least a hook eye back from the eye. I count my wraps. When tying winged dries, including parachutes I always set the wing first. That set's up the rest of the flies proportions. Say I'm setting a wing. I'll wrap back 9 wraps and then forward 3. I feel if I set the wing on a thread base it has less of a tendency to slip. Tails, set 'em with 2 loose wraps. Then fine tune for length. When I'm adjusting tail length, I'll pull the butts towards the eye, but not straight back, I pull, gently, at an angle upwards. straight back tends to move the 2 loose wraps towards the eye. I try to wrap the tails no further than to where the hook bend starts. Also, I always tie at least 6-8 of a pattern at a time. The first 2 usually go to my son. The last 4 are the most consistent. To make that long story short, for me counting my thread wraps really helps.
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