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  1. I'm on it too Norm. Mush easier to remove from yourself. Unfortunately that happens way too often. A good tie is a good tie no matter if it's barbed or barbless
  2. Thank you. Crushing the barb is the first thing I do when I get my hooks out to tie.
  3. Size 16 Atherton #3 Tail: Medium cree hackle barbs or ginger and grizzly mixed Wing: Wood duck or medium dun hackle points Body: Seal fur blended with bright yellow seal fur, fox-belly fur dyed yellow, or dyed mohair Rib: Narrow oval gold tinsel Hackle: Rusty dun or medium dun and ginger mixed
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
  5. Welcome @AZFalconer, from the Centennial State Looks like you're off to a very good start. "but mostly technique. I try doing "X" (like dubbing loops or something), cut it off, and do it again until it starts to look OK." I couldn't agree more with that statement, except to add "... and keep on doing it some more." Take the "challenge" post some pics in the <This month> Flies from the Vise thread. No critiques will be given unless asked for and they will be given respectfully and in a positive manner.
  6. Hate em won't tie em. That's just how I roll
  7. I got skunked elk hunting this year. Nice ties. The Charlie boy and Charlie baby boy are two of my go to hopper patterns.
  8. Thank you @niveker. It's an Umpqua "U" series 002 traditional, standard dry fly hook. In fact I really like the "U" series hooks. They're about half the price of the Tiemco's and I think they ate just as good quality wise.
  9. One has to try. Good luck with the hunt
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