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  1. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    Gartside pheasant hopper and a Charlie Craven Baby Charlie Boy and finally a parachute hopper. Body color of either yellow or green.
  2. Pleasure. I should have said "now" instead of "not"
  3. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    A couple from last week out of a little 15' wide spring creek. On hoppers. Released after pics taken.
  4. Sandan

    Yak wool

    All packages went out today.
  5. Welcome, what all those guys said.
  6. Great work Mark, and lot's of it for sure
  7. Beautiful George. I especially liked the top view showing the symmetry for the wings and how the topping lays so perfectly.
  8. Sandan

    Yak wool

    Met a yak rancher while out fishing. I asked him if he tied flies with it. Said no and gave me 2 bags of it, enough for me and my great,great,great,great, at least, grandchildren to tie with and there would be leftovers of it. Black and gray. The black is mostly underfur, the gray has guard hairs. If anyone wants some let me know. I'll send it for postage, or most likely I'll just eat that. I'm not looking for anything in return. PM me if you're interested.
  9. That's a great looking piece. Nice work Steve
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