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  1. I tie a few muddlers once in a while, when I need to restock my box.
  2. It looks like you used a Twizzler for the body. LOL! Nice looking popper.
  3. There are white color phase black bears! Type in white black bears into your search engine and you'll find several links. http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2011/08/03/138938423/black-bears-that-are-actually-white
  4. Nice looking fly, Luca. That will catch some fish.
  5. Here's a few thread midges I tied up to try out his week-end. They're tied on a sz 16 hook, brown thread with a copper wire rib and head, and tan thread with a silver wire rib and the head is colored with a black sharpie. Then coated with knot sense.
  6. Welcome to the FTF, Bruce. And welcome back into the addiction!
  7. Nice looking fly! I don't think I could throw a 7" streamer on the 4wt. LOL!
  8. Tied up a few of these for the bottom fly on a multi-fly rig. Sz.8 with a tungsten bead and 10 wraps of lead wire to get them down deep.
  9. So sorry to hear that Al. My prayers go out to his family and yours.
  10. That would be my answer too. It lets me get away from everything else I have to deal with day to day!
  11. I have a small pump that operates off of the 12V cigarette lighter that I use sometimes on my pontoon. I had the same problem you are having. I just opened the valve on the pontoon and the air goes in. When you get it inflated enough, pop off the air hose and quickly close the valve. I don't think the 12 V air pump has enough power to open the valve when it's pumping.
  12. That big one had to be blast on the fly rod! Nice fish all of them.
  13. You guys are tying some amazing flies! Keep them coming.
  14. That is a big gill! About 3 of those would make a nice meal.
  15. Good advice here from flytire! I've had mine for over 5 yrs now and wouldn't even consider giving it up!
  16. I have a Cabelas 8 wt LST rod (9'6") and a Cabelas CSR reel for it that I use for salmon and steelhead. I've had it for about 5 yrs now and haven't had any issues with it. When I hook a salmon I'm not scared to lay into the rod either. I've hooked and landed quite a few salmon and steelhead with this outfit and it handles them just fine for me. I paid just over $200.00 for it when I got it. As someone else said, you need a reel with a good drag and one that will hold plenty of backing. They're like hooking into a freight train and when they take off hang on.
  17. A few years back I took my spinning rod to the local creek for some smallies. After catching 3 carp on rapala, I gave up and came home. They are oppertunistic, what ever they can fit in their mouth they'll eat sometimes. Nice carp coinman!
  18. Fred, awesome looking little craw. You won't be able to keep the fish off of that one.
  19. Thanks. It wasn't as hard to make as I thought it would be.
  20. Tied up a few muddlers today. I've never tied these before and was suprised at how they turned out. Now to just go catch some fish on them!
  21. It sounds like you had a great day fishing! Nice pictures and nice fish too!
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