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  1. I've been swapping since 1995. I live in Canada so what I do is where the value of the package is to be put on the Customs Declaration form, I put NCV which stands for No Commercial Value. Nowadays this isn't so important as we do not pay duty on anything manufactured in the U.S. The folks that mail flies to me if I am swapping, send cash, I in turn save that to send to U.S. swapmeisters to pay for my postage back. I always put "Fishing Flies" on my packages going south and I am pretty sure that is what the folks in the U.S. put on their packages coming to me, though I think I remember a few people putting "Craft Material," on theirs. I do not think I have had many problems over the last 14 years, so it should work for you as well.
  2. I almost hate giving advice on lead since I have been trying to cut down on how much I use but since I have been tying Czech nymphs I have been using again. Maybe try using flat lead strips or cut narrow strips off the adhesive backed lead sheets and wrap layer on layer until you get the desired amount/effect. That way you don't have to worry about the wire being too largefor your hook?
  3. The only problem I see with it, is that it is not in my fly box! Very nice job!
  4. Inconnu


    I started tying Czech nymphs and they are addictive. So many colour combinations etc. You can't tie just a dozen!
  5. Hey the pigeons finally arrived! Got my flies and they are great! Good job everyone, thanks for holding the swap Justin......Kerry
  6. Thanks Steve, Iwill look forward to their arrival. Hope all is well with you......Kerry
  7. Justin I would be happy to join another swap you host if you decide to pick it up again. Take care.....Kerry
  8. I tie for perfect fishability...........yeah, that's what I do.
  9. I suppose Mustad because they are readily available and usually in a pretty good selection. I also like Tiemco, but they are a bit more money. The hooks I am starting to use now are Togen hooks. The are not too far off Tiemco in style but probably the least expensive hooks I have found. They seem to be of good quality but do not come in the same wide selection of styles.
  10. Yah!!! Glad they made it! Sorry about the mess, damned Canadian pigeons? Probably lightening their load for the trip home!
  11. I'll try to be honest. I think over all you are doing pretty well so I do not intend this to be critical of your work just suggestions from my point of view. #1 Looks good.....Griffith Gnat? #2 Parachute hackle looks okay, it is a dark photo and hard to see all of the detail. #3 When you tie off the wing, or just before, lift the butt ends and wrap a few wraps of thread under them to hold them up, then snip the butts off on an even plane. The dubbing on the body could be a little smoother but that really doesn't matter to the fish, more aesthetic than anything else. #4 Use finer scissors to trim butts off behind the bead and if needed just a hint of dubbing to cover anything left looking unfinished. #5 it looks okay, not sure what it is so I can only say it looks good as it is shown. #6 I always like to use the tips of the tail feather fibres rather than cutting them short, put a couple of wraps of thread then pull them back to the correct length, then trim the butts. #7 Possibly snip the wing post shorter. #8 Maybe a straighter slightly shorter tail #9 Wrap the hair for the shell back, far enough back so that when you pull it forward and over, it doesn't expose thread wraps. Nice job though, they are all fish catchers!
  12. The other set I sent to Justin in California arrived there, so hopefully you should receive mine any day here......Kerry
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