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  1. Wrong, the weak link is us who use the materials, bugs are everywhere, could of came from a piece of fur, the tying desk, own hands, etc. I dont think those capes where new, pretty sure Norm used them many of times prior to seeing bugs. No true way of avoiding this of happening but you can contain it by keeping every materials separated in sealed bags. I would not use any chemicals like moth balls or flea collars, I'm one of those that might wet my fingers or rub an eye and that shit can make you sick. I stick to natural like Norm and the cloves or dried mint leaves so many safer options but there's no cure all
  2. Too bad that happened, must always seal the bags even if i don't do it all the time. Are the feathers still good? Throw the capes in the freezer for a month then thaw for a week, repeat 5 or 6 times and all bugs and eggs should be dead. I understand if you just toss them out. I would put all materials from that tote in the freezer, never know.
  3. What brand: sage method Rod length: 9.6ft The weight of the fly rod: 8 weight Action: ultra fast Is it a Fly Rod Combo? no What do you fish with it? salmon mostly but pike and rainbows occasionally What did it cost you? too much paired with a guideline quadra 79hd titanium reel, cost; too much my favorite stretch for kings unfortunately it has been shut down the past 4 years for low numbers. Heard the run should be descent this year, maybe the river will be open for kings this year, fingers crossed
  4. Good to hear you're at home. That was a close call, relaxe and heal up knife man Mark
  5. That's great news Mark.
  6. Made the mistake showing the pics to the wife, now she wants one.
  7. For tying size 16 down i would suggest getting saddles instead of necks (cape). Unfortunately collins saddles wont tie down to midge size, like poopdeck and chugbug said grab a 100 pack from whiting in the color and size you want and give that a try. pic of whiting bronze neck and a bronze midge saddle top hackle is the longest size 18 i could find on the neck (most are half the length), can tie 3 flies with that hackle most 1 or 2 flies, a collins will be half the length so you only get 1 fly and working with hackle pliers middle is of the bronze grizz saddle size 18, can tie 6to 8 flies out of 1 hackle with no need of hackle pliers. That saddle ties size 18 to 22 with a few over and under. bottom is whiting gold midge size 18, tie a dz with that one i separated the size 16 on down on the cape, every hackle below the coaster will tie size 14 to bigger, so you can see the smaller the hackle size the shorter it gets on a saddle they will all be of equal length gold grade vs bronze midge saddles
  8. Hopping for a good and speedy recovery for you Mark, what a shitty thing to happen on you're birthday to boot. Happy birthday Mark
  9. It looks sick, maybe covid. Albino makes sense.
  10. I agree jstockard is a great fly shop, great selection of materials, unfortunately i stopped ordering from them in regards of their shipping cost to Canada. I could not justify paying 45$ for shipping when im ordering 50$ worth of materials, too bad, they do have some great sales every month. I ordered from many different shops and no complaints except for 1. Supply right now is a problem for certain items, took me a while just to find a golden pheasant skin, it was the ugliest skin i ever seen, i almost sent it back. Had a order of GP's to fill then i tossed it out, it worked out in the end i guess.
  11. I would ask for a refund on the whole order. Had this happen to me before, took months to get the backordered items.
  12. I use these uni trays that flytire mentioned. I order thread by the dz and usually comes in that tray. I must have 50 of them.
  13. Nice looking box, well done. The thing with a shop is no matter how big you build it, never big enough. A big regret i had on my last shop is having 10ft wide x 8ft tall OH (over head door), 12ft x 10ft would have been better, little tight to get some stuff in to work on. We just moved in to a new house 2 weeks ago that i built, downsized a bit. I have a double garage on the house but i want a shop so i get a do over maybe. Just have to get the wife onboard, my plan is to clutter the garage enough so she cant get her car in it.
  14. 20 or so years ago i bought a lyman reloading kit, it came with everything except for a brass tumbler, reloading dies, brass, powder etc. I got a 416 rem mag custom built for me is the reason i started reloading, the ammo would cost me between 8$ to 10$ a round of the shelf, reloading my own is 2.50$ a round with premium bullets if i dont include the price of brass. You can save quite a few bucks especially on the larger caliber rifle. Some of the powder is hard to near impossible to get now. On a side note for the longest time i could not find brass for the 416 rem mag, i had to fire form 375 h&h brass. It annoyed me that my rounds said 375h&h , i finally found brass last year, it wasn't cheap.
  15. Good job Mark, they're beautiful, man of many talents. Pretty sure i can assume you wont be tying flies for a while.
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