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  1. try the partridge universal predator x hooks cs86x. I know there a bit pricey but you wont be able to break them even if you tried, oh yeah be careful they are extremely sharp. its all I use for my pike flies.
  2. I wonder whose rods these are. Thanks, they look great, I'm going to have fun catching graylings and rainbows with mine, I'm sure my boss will also to bad he's got to wait till Christmas to get it.
  3. I find that grayling are not picky, almost any dry fly will work especially earth tone colors (black, olive , gray, brown etc). my favorite dry is a Griffith gnat with black hackle and red or orange butt and next a ginger quill. nymphs work better for the big guys 16"+, a wired stone fly in size 6 to 12 is my go to especially if they're hugging the bottom. I had grayling hit streamers for lake trout, roe bags (eggs), buggers etc.
  4. probably where all the hair in the shops come from.
  5. the law must be different here in Canada. quite a few shops carry polar bear, goes for 7$ to 10$ cad for 2x2 patch. anyway I know where's a stuffed 12ft, might bring a pair of scissors with me next time I go for a burger there.
  6. tan gp's hook- tmc 7999 size 2 to 10 thread- tan head- bucktail tan, few strand crystal flash topped with 2 ring neck pheasant rump feathers (church windows) tag- silver oval tensil eyes- golden pheasant tippet body- first third tan floss ribbed with silver oval tinsel next third tan laser dub ribbed with silver oval tinsel last third tan laser dub wing- church windows x3 hackle- tan pulled down and trim beard- tan hackle
  7. nice flies everybody, i've been working on a order here' a few gp's ---general practitioner hook- tmc 7999 size 2 to 10 thread- orange head- bucktail orange, few strand crystal flash orange topped with 2 yellow golden pheasant rump feathers tag- gold oval tensil eyes- golden pheasant tippet body- first third orange floss ribbed with gold oval tinsel next third orange laser dub ribed with gold oval tinsel last third orange laser dub wing- reddish golden pheasant feathers x3 hackle- orange pulled down and trim beard- orange hackle
  8. check out Skeena river supply, good quality calf hair and they sell 6 x 6 patch also.
  9. I really like the metz magnum saddles for my pike flies, buggers and streamers, especially the dyed griz. i think its what your looking for. i can post some comparison pics if you want.
  10. good luck Mark, really nice selection of flies.
  11. Don't know if it makes a difference to the fish cause I aint a fish. All flying bugs that land in the water as far as I know have wings. If the recipe asks for wings I putt on wings. I think it can also help the fly from tumbling in faster moving waters.
  12. Well that's to bad but unfortunately its like that everywhere. Catch and release or closed to fishing in a lot of places in North America. Nature is pretty resilient, in some case it is just too late. Even here in the Yukon most places are closed to fishing, where I can catch and release only that I'm ok with. Those non returning salmon are they land lock?, same as the great lakes.
  13. I thought there was atlantic salmon in Connecticut, is it closed for fishing? those flies should be in some fish mouth
  14. comets look good also does your flash fly. I see you used marabou on the tails of the comet, I use bucktail with a few strands of krystal flash and i use hen or guinea for the hackle. makes the fly look bulkier when wet. you should try to get your hands on this book, maybe your library has it. patterns for every kind of inland fish in Alaska.
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