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  1. Same guy from ebay. Order from his website instead, he'll appreciate it.
  2. Ant static the worst when tying with fur/hair, cant stack it and forget about the underfur it just sticks to you, get it off one finger to be on the other. I used unscented dryer sheets like capt Bob Lemay said. My new house has a HRV system ---heat-recovery ventilator it controls the humidity level in the house, no more problems with static or condensation on the windows. It is code here in the Yukon for all new house builds. For the past 7 years every house i built got this system. Let us know how the dehumidifier/humidifier works for you Norm.
  3. tiemco for me, i find them sharper and more durable than most other brands. They are one of the most expensive out there so I've been using mostly maruto hooks for the past 5 years, they are made in the same house as the tiemco and for half the money, i don't see a difference in quality between the two. I get all my hooks from Daryl --- troutbum.ca, great guy to deal with. The hooks model c,m,i,etc## are maruto, i got some of the kona hooks from him also and i like them, they are black nickel.
  4. Dam those graylings don't have a chance, nice looking fly case and adams there Mark. I really like the look of the mydus fly.
  5. Worthy for a box alright. I see the difference in the palmere'd hackle between the pics but that's about it. Heck if you wouldn't have mentioned the 1 red crow fiber i would not have seen it. One day ill give a shot a classic fly, my skills are not there yet, maybe in another 10 years haha Again, great job George
  6. Nice looking popper, i never trimmed the hackle to expose the hook on mine but you can if you want. I used to sharpie up the popper, now i don't even bother, i just use the head color that matches the rest of the fly. I never fished for bass but i know pikes don't care. Glue some eyes, add some silicon legs and go catch a fish.
  7. Looks really good George. piece of art
  8. I was going through my bins of dubbing and realized i have way to much of it. Probably more than half ill never use, pretty sure I'm not the only one. Curious If you had to pick 1 kind of dubbing what would it be and why For me it would be senyo's laser dub, i can dub drys right down to 20's, nymphs and salmon flies with it, has just enough sparkle to it and comes in every color possible, the fibers are long enough to tease out for a buggy look. For me it's a do it all
  9. I see that I'm not the only one this happens to. I have many spool that look just like that. It doesn't bother me anymore. danville wire is the worst for that, every spool does it.
  10. mosquito size 16 1st one of 10dz, 119 more to go My wife caught a cold, she's been sick since the weekend. Today she went back to work feeling alot better, but i woke up with it, was just a matter of time i guess. I took the day off from work, house to myself so i spent some time on the vise. Started by finishing off the adams order, a few size 16 and tied the 1 mosquito material I'm using for the mosquito and the mess
  11. I'm not from the USA but here in Canada it would be illegal, i can't even pick up a molted feather from many bird species. The only way is to acquire a special permit and i think its for taxidermy purposes only.
  12. Haha, thanks for counting them for me. Day is not over yet, might tie another dz.
  13. Nice looking adams Poopdeck, funny enough i tied adams today also in size 14 to boot. I had a great day at the vice today. I've been working 10hr days and every 2nd saturday since spring the other out fishing and sundays are for the honey do list and unwinding. Now I'm back to winter hrs no more weekend work. Time for me to start filling in many orders. I think everyone knows the recipe for the adams, the only thing different i used CDL for the tail and cree for the hackle. The mess i created,
  14. You could give hederon big fly fibers a try
  15. Wow you're on a roll Norm, really nice set of flies
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