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  1. check out Skeena river supply, good quality calf hair and they sell 6 x 6 patch also.
  2. I really like the metz magnum saddles for my pike flies, buggers and streamers, especially the dyed griz. i think its what your looking for. i can post some comparison pics if you want.
  3. good luck Mark, really nice selection of flies.
  4. Don't know if it makes a difference to the fish cause I aint a fish. All flying bugs that land in the water as far as I know have wings. If the recipe asks for wings I putt on wings. I think it can also help the fly from tumbling in faster moving waters.
  5. Well that's to bad but unfortunately its like that everywhere. Catch and release or closed to fishing in a lot of places in North America. Nature is pretty resilient, in some case it is just too late. Even here in the Yukon most places are closed to fishing, where I can catch and release only that I'm ok with. Those non returning salmon are they land lock?, same as the great lakes.
  6. I thought there was atlantic salmon in Connecticut, is it closed for fishing? those flies should be in some fish mouth
  7. comets look good also does your flash fly. I see you used marabou on the tails of the comet, I use bucktail with a few strands of krystal flash and i use hen or guinea for the hackle. makes the fly look bulkier when wet. you should try to get your hands on this book, maybe your library has it. patterns for every kind of inland fish in Alaska.
  8. I enjoy all your ties, very clean. Do you get to swing them?
  9. wow nice flies. I guess bourbon enhances the vision nice ties, I'm going to tie some of your patterns
  10. nice flies. Again I don't know about the top water stuff. Purple, orange and black are my favorite colors for sure. You could add lead wraps if you want but I don't on the comet, ill just add split shots as needed. I never tried plastic bead or the salmon rig, I'm always wading - shore fishing. Trolled with anchovy on the ocean. I usually use the surgeons knot or the non slip loop knot. I'm not sure if there's brown trout in Alaska, I never heard of or caught any maybe in a stock lake???, maybe someone form Alaska can answer this. I know none in the Yukon. Use what you have for hooks, I never used the mustad 3007, is it long shank? check out wwdoaks website good price on hooks, the mustad is 20$ Canadian per 50 and daiichi is under 50$ cad for 100. brown trout are beautiful, one of my bucket list to catch. I'm no expert in salmon fishing but its what I enjoy the most. If I have all those flies in my fly box, It gives me confidence that I will get some hits. I have seen days with no strikes with salmon all around me and I have seen days where I caught 5 in an hr.
  11. I never used surface flies, I think you want to be down in the water column, sometimes bouncing off the bottom. size 1/0 to 6 for the flies that purple comet is my favorite fly. seems I always end up with it on my line of course eggs. I would add some intruders and of course the Russian river.
  12. I would swing all the flies above even if you're inland a ways. I used to catch kings in the Teslin river years ago, almost 2000 miles from the bearing sea. its been closed for I think 6 years now. Cant even catch and release, the run is to low, maybe this year. The biggest king I caught there was 35 lbs, was probably 60 lbs when it entered the Yukon river, was still a great fight. Bring all those shrimps and squids with you.
  13. Really nice ties, i'm sure you will hook in to some with those flies. I'm form the Yukon. I usually go down to Haines AK 3 to 4 times a year (4 hr drive), missed last year with the border being closed---dam covid, I hope I can make it down there this year, missed it a lot. Good times and a lot of fun. If you want I can post a pic of some of my favorite flies to give you more ideas. check out this vid. I'll be tying myself a few of these if I'm allowed in Haines
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