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  1. A lot of times I come up with patterns when Im not at the bench so I write them down or draw them out and keep them. Here is one I did. Stamped it confidential as a joke with some other people.
  2. Jam and John.. OUTSTANDING. For not being able to find much time at the vise lately your pictures help get the wheels turning of things I want to tie when I finally can! Keep em' coming!!
  3. Thanks Mike. Its a Chamois cloth.. Works out very good.
  4. To second what capt bob says about infection..while on a trip in FL I forgot my wading boots so I just kept my sandals on. Better something, rather then nothing.. Or so I thought. The straps on the sandals actually ended up wearing my skin through and causing abrasions, because well..they arent designed for wading. Well that wasn't the bad part. The infection that followed was bad. I did all the proper treatments and still ended up with an infection and some dr's visits. Be careful out there!
  5. Between work and hunting season, vise time has been limited. However, I was able to knock out a couple for late season Musky trips. They like flies this time of year BIG, lots of movement, and generally dark colors.
  6. Those PRAWNS!!! OH wow. Step by step! Step by step!! Well done.
  7. I just got one about a month ago. Im actually not crazy about it. The disc drag on the rite bobbin is kinda a pain to get at and turn but now I see why. The stonfo drag gets turned and loosened VERY easily in my opinion. Basically I find when Im tying it loosens itself and can be a little frustrating. I most likely will not be buying another one. This is really just my experience with it. I'm sure it works fine for other people. For what its worth most of my tying is for commercial Musky flies over 12" so I am pretty hard on my bobbins and thread. Strength is important to me. I really like the bobbin "structure" of the stonfo because its more rigid, I just wish the the drag stayed better.
  8. Its cooling off fast here in MI too. Luckily some of the biggest Musky is in some of the worst fishing conditions in October/November. The problem..its also hunting season for me. Too many hobbies not enough time?? lol We will see how it goes! If its not a big picture of a musky I am hoping it will be a Tarpon in a couple months.
  9. Looking good Paul! Keep it up. Love those classics! Simple yet, very cool. Sweet speys!!
  10. Awesome variation! I have been working on the Cheech Leech's older brother, and a tutorial will be out in the coming months. Thanks for the props Thanks Dude! I was hoping you'd see it!! Ill be looking forward to the tutorial of the cheech leech's bigger brother. Excellent videos and site. Keep em' coming.
  11. The Cabelas stuff is a huge waste of money. My preferred is Rumpf. I get the 1/4oz packs and its the best I've seen.
  12. Steelhead version of the Cheech Leech. Hopefully I did it some justice. Great video tutorial on the Fly Fish Food blog!!
  13. Thanks guys. I dont even get out to fish steelhead much (yet lol) but I just love tying them! Not sure what it is, but I find them fun to tie and the color variations are sweet.
  14. Finally back to some tying.. Steelie stuff.
  15. Man I take a few day hiatus from the site while im north hunting and somehow I still get thrown to the wolves! That damn PJ!!!
  16. Is this the rod they discontinued? I thought I heard something about that..
  17. Crotalus! Love those skull busters. Great pic too!
  18. I used to be all flouro, but have changed over to wire. I've got two main reasons for this. I work to hard hooking some of these fish that bite-offs give me night terrors, and wire allows me to change a fly quickly. Not getting bit off is my number one reason for going to wire though. Everyone has their ways! Neither are wrong or right of course. The normal catch on my lake is a 40"-50" fish and my bite offs are few and far between (knock on wood lol). As far as quick changes I use a snap. Musky dont care!
  19. Where Ive Fished: Michigan (Home), Florida, California, Ontario Immediate Bucket List: Baja Mexico for Roosters, Bahama's for Bonefish, California again for Mako & Marlin, Wherever for Permit,
  20. Well done Mike. Thats one of my favorite classics to tie!
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