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  1. Something from today... Grouse and Old Gold
  2. On Thursday Evening, I was able to take some back roads up into Poudre canyon (CR69 from Red Feather Lakes). The drive is about 20 miles on a steep dirt road that has several washouts in it. It puts you in Poudre Canyon at Glen Echo (Above the areas where 14 is washed out). River looked good from there all the way up to Joe Wright. Running a bit higher than normal but water was clear to slightly stained. That stretch of river looks as though it'll be none worse for wear. I am interested to get down into the lower parts of Poudre Canyon to see how messed up it is gonna be in the lower stretches.
  3. A classic wet. Blae and Black. My first winged wet so be gentle with the criticism :-)
  4. Did you omit the ribbing wire in the pattern or is it just buried in the dubbing? Looks great. Gonna tie some up.
  5. Wanting some silk to use for some soft hackle flies. I know the standard is Pearsalls, but the little spools are relatively costly for the amount of silk. While searching threads I came across Superior Kimono Silk Thread. It is a #100 thread (equates to about a 90 denier) on 220 yard spools for about $6 per spool. Additionally, there are about 80 colors available. What do y'all think? Is it worth giving a try or should I just stick with the Pearsalls? Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Darin
  6. I'll take one of the FTF 3XL in Maroon. Darin
  7. The package says squirrel tail natural fox. Using the lighter (fewer gray/black hairs) side of the tail for the claws. Darin
  8. Pistol Pete's are available in Walmart in the Denver area. Lots are sold to spin fishermen who run them behind a clear weighted bobber on high country lakes. D
  9. Here is an easy crayfish pattern I have been tying
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