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  1. Your dyed colors are brilliant and have encouraged me to dig out my dying materials and give it a shot again. Used to do a lot of it back in the late 90's. Be interesting to see if my old dyes still work.
  2. You have a good vice. I used to run a commercial tying business down in Mexico and over all the Griffin vices were the best for the money and they always took care of any problems no questions asked.
  3. Just short of 61 years. My dad made me up a kit of odds and ends and a home made vice for my 11th birthday. Had a 10 year stretch that I quit fishing but never quit tying flies as it has always been something that relaxes me and helps me unwind. Much better than a drink as I've never liked alcohol.
  4. The wing shape is the most critical aspect of this pattern. The other important aspect is spun deer hair head. This pattern is one Kelly Galloups early patterns. A good idea is to watch Kelly's you tube video on this pattern to have better understanding of the over all concept behind its design.
  5. I have gotten the Muroto hooks off Ebay recently.
  6. When using hard slippery hair like woodchuck taking one loop of thread around just the wing hair about mid way through lashing it down to the hook, will secure it quit nicely. With no need for glue.
  7. I have a patch of Mountain sheep hair that a friend gave me that is great for spinning and really floats great. It is a normal material similar to antelope hair but stark white and very difficult to come by. The top from a DiGiornio Pizza wrapping is heavier than freezer bag plastic and works nice for scud backs and thorax covers. Thought of one other uncommon hair that I use a lot of, is the white throat patch from a Whitetail Buck. I have yet to see this hair in a fly shop anywhere. When the deer processer removes the head this hair goes with the head to the dump.
  8. I used the material quite a bit back in the 90's but never as a streamer hair but for under wings on hopper and large caddis or attractor patterns. I was introduced to the material by a shop that I tied for in Hamilton MT. but not sure was a long time ago. Have been wanting to try it for a synthetic calf tail sunstitute but it may be to supple for this purpose.
  9. Those are pretty impressive in that they were taken with a cell phone.
  10. That is interesting that you can get infrared photos by altering the digital light sensitivity. I had fun using and creating infrared images years ago using 4x5 sheet film and view camera or an old Speed Graphic camera. A natural subject that is amazing are muchrooms as they literally glow in an infrared image. Would be interested in learning how you did these.
  11. Using Gel Spun takes some getting used too, if you have never used it before, as most other threads have some stretch to them as you apply tension where as gel spun does not. I'm so used to the feel of the stretch as a part of calculating for proper tension that I have stayed with the heavier Danville threads, throughout the years, for spinning hair.
  12. The zoom idea is totally wrong a longer focal length decreases your depth of field. To increase your depth of field stop the lens down to its minimum aperature, such as f/32 or f/22 and adjust the exposure. Use "A" setting or aperature preferred setting if available on your camera.
  13. lite bright preceded ice dubbing. I always bought it direct from Spirit River . I still use it for a courser dubbing and under wings for caddis patterns.
  14. Stretch Magic is really good stuff and it stretches like crazy and comes in three different diameters starting at 1/2 mil. I use d rib also but only because I have so much of it.
  15. Thanks Terje, your photos have motivated me to get back into photography. Back in March I started researching for digital cameras and wide angle zoom. Got a nice used Nikon 7100 and a Tokina 11-20 MM zoom. Your photo this and the others are quite strikingly beautiful.
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