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  1. Hi Kimo, That's an awesome fly, please supply info. on this, thanks. By the way is that Ratfink's cousin Iggy in the background?
  2. ​​Hi CSB1, I've placed 3 orders with Feather Emporium in 2020, the products are high quality many with unique colors. My last order of 2 capes was placed 2/19 and received 2/27, no problems here!
  3. ​​​Kimo, Tarcher Nymph is an excellent example of a fly's evolution, have you ever had conversation with Ken Iwamasa on this fly?
  4. ​Hi Tim, I'll keep an eye out for your mug, looking forward to your presentations.
  5. Harvard Eide, Great photo composition and flies aren't too bad either, Ha Ha. Please keep them coming.
  6. ​Hi Scott, Overall this is an outstanding fly, looking at it I start to hear the theme song from Jaws, well done!
  7. Hi Bob, This book is not for the casual CDC fly tyer, it is a thorough study of CDC. After reviewing the book one can see why the cost, 75% of book is photos detail tying techniques. With the names Marc Petitjean and Barry Ord Clarke on cover I would expect nothing but the best. Money well spent for the knowledge obtained.
  8. Lucian, I enjoyed watching this, a little video for a little fly, will tie some soon, thanks.
  9. Lucian, your explanation and photos are fabulous. I especially like the fly using the jig hook, I'll give that a go in the future, thanks!
  10. Wow ! That's a beast of a trout fly Scott. I especially like the body shape, what's your technique tying on the foam ?
  11. Cream, I really that emerger, has a lot of visual action just sitting there!
  12. Kimo, Great color combination, very buggy looking!
  13. Hi Lucian, This fly has great proportions with the longer hook, I plan to tie some up, perhaps with black nickel bead. Thanks for the idea!
  14. Havard Eide, I admire the craftsmanship and artistic talent it took to tie that fly, a true Classic. Having never attempted such a fly would you give a rough idea how much time and investment in materials is involved in this fly?
  15. Enjoyed the video, well paced, I especially liked the details on final trimming, thanks!
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