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  1. It wasn’t in vise, I normally use a very small amt. of water based cement to secure wing, but I removed from vise, laid it down to work on a bass bug and somehow I got resin on it, sucd big time. When it comes to ribbing, u can carefully move it a bit, in this case I may not be successful so it may get the razor. I’ll set it aside ( not in resin 😎) and think about it. The good thing about bass bugs is I always have a fresh razor blade to do the deed
  2. Had a good one going, then destroyed wing, ( got a glob of UVon it )no after pic, will redo wing and try to straighten out ribbing
  3. A couple of more Spook’s Hook: #1, 2/0 Shank: 35 mm, 80 mm Body: multiple colors of deer belly hair Eyes: plastic
  4. The hook is the first thing I-slide on, followed by one 3/16 bead, once fly is completely trimmed you countersink another bead 1/3rd forward from base, then uv over it. I noticed you can’t see the hook but it’s there, off to the side
  5. 2 beads , one at back of shank, another, 1/3rd up from back end
  6. Deer hair Zora Spook, developed by Jeff Creamer Hook: #1 Octopus Shank: 35, 55, and 65 mm Beads: 3/16 Tungsten Body: Deer belly hair multiple colors/stacks
  7. I think you’ve done a good job here. Tying Classic’s is an adventure for sure and in general, for me I’ve developed a keener eye when tying. Learning how to apply multiple materials with minimal wraps, proportions and thread control become critical. Definitely a learning curve
  8. Getting tuned up with the hair, my last challenge thread with the whit bug got me going. Saw this pattern somewhere out there, anyway thought it’d be fun to tie. Have it weighted at bend, hoping it “sits up”on water Hook: Ahrex Predator 2/0 or any Stinger Thread: Semperfli 200 denier Tail : Crystal flash and Hen cape feathers Body: Stacked deer hair ( dyed belly hair) Eyes: 6 mm plastic
  9. Had a great trip, double digit Steelhead. Fished Erie PA tribes IMG_0666.mov
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