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  1. Love fishing Henny’s , moving forward this pattern shall be in my box
  2. Some use a drop or two of wool lite fabric softener in luke warm water, this a sometimes steam once they are dry
  3. One of the Classic guys has a gauge to mark off certain points on the hook
  4. Poor video there, nothing like Lawson pattern
  5. The good news? Flies are in the mail, bad news? I sealed the envelope that is coming back to me so if u can’t salvage please contact me , I’ll PayPal any costs to you. Yeah, senior moment
  6. Is it still open , I’m in if so gallops found link
  7. Here’s a JS I tied and can assure you, this is no 30 minute fly. Nice video though
  8. Years ago I picked up his vhs , life cycle of mayfly, ( bought my turkey and cdc supply’s from house of Harrop). love those patterns. His transitional nymph pattern works very well Thanks for sharing
  9. I have sat with Bud and McLain in Johns basement, and tied a few, yeah tied one on! Our Club, Michigan Fly Fishing club (MFFC ), had Bud and Gordy as guest tiers. Great guys that can hold their own.
  10. Glad to see this kind of commitment, I’m afraid you have gone to the dark side though :). So now Toppings and tails can be added to the list of materials that can Be a bugaboo . Some will strip all the crest and siak in warm water with a little of woolite fabric softener. Followed by round and or flat glass. Years ago I sat in on a Schmookler presentation on how to prepare crests , by using a sheet of cardboard and an iron with steam feature. he would lay the crest on cardboard and start by holding By base of feather parallel to and Slightly above cardboard. Then simply lower until just the tip of feather is touching, followed by lightly Pulling the base, this “opens “ the crest , then give it a hot iron and a quick steam, must be careful but he was adamant that once you “set it” it shall hold . This allows you to alter
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