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  1. Sorry for holding up the swap guys. Hopefully I will be forgiven. Enjoy
  2. Sort for holding up the swap guys. Hopefully I will be forgiven. Enjoy
  3. I was speaking of ice in the form if frozen precipitation. I had to stop that ice when I worked at a police dept ......
  4. Sorry for the delay guys. Mine are in the mail. Ice at the beach doesn't fair well for travel.
  5. SCOwens


    Piker, we just brought in a small dry bag, that you can use the screen through the bag, if you want a picture I can take one and send it to you when I go to work on Weds ... Simon O
  6. Mine are almost complete and I finally remembered my password for the site so I can keep you informed haha
  7. Dave, if you search for Scott, you may not find me haha
  8. Go with Solarez, $3 per tube .... carry it the shop I work at and it's all I use.
  9. If you need one crafted out of wood my father-in-law and I can make one custom for you to suite your needs. We made mine to hold 50 spools of thread and it works nicely, even holds all my UV cure resin
  10. Guess I am a slacker haha. Had an order for the shop I have been working on. They will be completed soon
  11. Can't go wrong by buying some UV cure of some variety. I use Solarez and love it.
  12. Hey ditz there is a Tarheel flinging the fly in Charleston, SC haha
  13. Ooooohhhhh yay Look forward to having a few flies to throw at some schoolies. Now just have to figure out what I will tie.
  14. Saw some fish caught in Charleston the other day on some fish skullz patterns. One of the owners of the company that makes Fish Skullz was the one fishing ... a copper streamer pattern, Big Ol' Redfish. Stuff looks good
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