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  1. I cut a small slit in a paper plate and slide it around my vise stem. It catches most of my waste and I can rotate it out of the way if I want. When I have too much trash, I pull it off and dump the waste, then put the plate back. I also use it as a bodkin cleaner. If I have any cement or resin on my bodkin, I poke it through the plate and it scrapes it off. Obviously only works while the stuff is still wet. One plate lasts months for me. $3 at the grocery store gets you 150ish plates.
  2. I heard he switched to a new vise because he got so many inquiries on where to get a LAW vise that he switched to a vise more easily obtainable. I think it' a Regal.
  3. Sawyer's Killer Bug has been my best scud pattern.
  4. 3m makes huge rolls of lead tape also
  5. Why not combine the two methods of coloring the body? Color the edge before winding and then mark the back.
  6. I'm likely headed down the Skagit path because it soundest easiest to learn. I bought a set of rio 15 foot, 9wt T tips on sale and was wondering if casting those on a different rod, 7 or 8 wt, is going to be a problem?
  7. Not sure if anyone else looking to get started with two-handed fishing feels as confused as I did when I started looking into it, but I think I have a basic enough understanding to get started now. Here's what I've gathered. Types of two-handed fishing Skagit-Shorter and heavier floating fly line-called a shooting head. Set-up is backing--> running AKA shooting line --> Shooting head --> Tip(variable floating or sinking) --> Leader Skagit set-ups are for heavier flies and apparently is easier to cast than traditional Spey. Requires stripping line between each cast. Spey- Long belly floating fly line which has running line incorporated into it. Does not require a tip. Set-up is backing --> Spey line --> leader Casting is more difficult but does not require stripping between casts Scandinavian- kind of in between Skagit and Spey. Weight of two handed rods does not equate to weight of single handed rods. What I think I understand is that two-handed rods are categorized by grain weight of the line they cast and we've attached a line weight statement out of convention. Basically, an 8wt Spey rod casts a much heavier line than an 8wt single handed rod. Any glaring mistakes?
  8. Color half of a grizzly hackle brown with a marker.
  9. Not sure if the black stuff on the back is feather or hair, but otherwise it looks pretty simple. Red yarn tail, black and orange chennile, white rubber legs, and whatever that black stuff is. Hook looks like a standard hopper hook like the Allen N202.
  10. Couple nice rainbows from a spring creek and a picture of the food they're gorging on now. Every step I took sent hundreds of grasshoppers flying. Had the biggest brown trout I've ever seen tail my streamer for a few seconds, then he went back to the depths.
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