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  1. To me it is roasting peppers in the fall, thanks to my parents' time in NM.
  2. Last thing I cooked was some pozole.
  3. I'm in, panfish set. I've not tied a fly in over 6 months, will be nice to get back to it.
  4. First red on fly last week in Charleston
  5. Wow he played trumpet and flew to the moon!
  6. Yeah I gotta go to work this week😮‍💨
  7. dogfacedoc


    I used aquaphor the first few days while everything was "weepy", then changed over to just eucerin lotion. Happy with the results.
  8. dogfacedoc


    Two years old on the forearm, 5 on the upper arm. Worst spots were near the wrist, elbow wasn't bad. Just think of fire injected into your skin for a few hours. Eat a good heavy meal before you go and ask for breaks if you need them. Follow the artists recommendations for aftercare, use sunblock or long sleeves and it will last you much longer.
  9. dogfacedoc

    Ground Moles

    Get a pitbull.
  10. Two hornworms decimated a paprika today. Found another on a jalapeño plant. About to go back out with a black light and look for more.
  11. Rick that is a pepper called a Rezha according to the packet from Baker Creek seeds. A somewhere around jalapeno heat, 7-9" long. Gonna use them as flakes.
  12. Mine has exploded in the last week or so with the increased heat. That brought weeds too, had 4 hour weeding session to get them back to a manageable number
  13. Wife uttered those words and next thing I know, cabinets were flying onto the dump trailer.
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