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  1. dogfacedoc


    Murkier still. https://www.space.com/earth-atmosphere-extends-beyond-moon.html
  2. I pay for tracking on the return when I'm sending out.
  3. Nah, I've got too much going on this summer!
  4. My yard is all weeds, with native wildflowers in the flower beds propagating themselves. My next door neighbor mentioned the weeds last year "but y'all haven't lived there long enough to really get the lawn right." I'm waiting for her to mention it again this year so I can tell her she's welcome to spend her money on chemicals to kill plants that will just take over again when we are all dead and gone, otherwise she can keep that passive aggressive shit to herself. Side note - garden is popping off, noticed a bunch of habaneros fruiting today. The only sprays I use are neem oil and BT. Released a few thousand lady bugs a few weeks ago. I'm sure at least one has stuck around.
  5. Tracking shows delivered June 26th.
  6. dogfacedoc

    Face masks

    A year of close contact with known covid positive folk with both parties masked, and I have not caught it yet. I've been saying since the start of the craziness that this is what we should be doing during flu season anyway. It's what we do for patients who test positive for flu - mask them up to contain the spread. As silver said, this ain't over. Had my first positive covid in a while (had 6 weeks off work so that can skew things) and she was at a bbq spreading it the day before. Best part about masks though is I've not been coughed on since March of 2020. However, when the masks go away I'm going to have to work on my facial expressions because the bullshit stories that people come in with are ridiculous.
  7. oh yeah I like these!
  8. Should be finished and in the mail today.
  9. Mail carriers are having to fight all the lethal critters to get to his doorstep.
  10. I've received mine, can't recall the date though
  11. dogfacedoc

    Hearing loss

    Ear protection with any noise louder than a normal conversation. There are ear muff style ear protectors that cut off the loud noises but allow you to hear regularly(kinda like automatic welding glasses), but for a drummer, I'd just stick with the old foam plugs. You don't need to hear nuance, just the beat.
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