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  1. Mail carriers are having to fight all the lethal critters to get to his doorstep.
  2. I've received mine, can't recall the date though
  3. dogfacedoc

    Hearing loss

    Ear protection with any noise louder than a normal conversation. There are ear muff style ear protectors that cut off the loud noises but allow you to hear regularly(kinda like automatic welding glasses), but for a drummer, I'd just stick with the old foam plugs. You don't need to hear nuance, just the beat.
  4. On one of flatrocknative's flies from a swap last year
  5. Figured the orange foam would make for good hi-vis indicators. I have more orange foam than I know what to do with!
  6. dogfacedoc

    Black Ice

    This is what we get before most snows, and northerners say we can't drive in winter weather.
  7. The NICU was not near the post office so mine went out today.
  8. A couple of upside down flies will be sent out tomorrow unless my wife goes into labor!
  9. Ready for tags, then in the mail tomorrow. Picture is from a few days ago as a step-by-step reminder to myself for later
  10. Going with a pencil popper. Size 2. Test tie is pictured
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