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  1. A few things to be aware of in general: 1. Thin wire hook with a wide hook gap will tend to bend out when presented with a heavy load. The hook will either bend or break, it’s just physics. 2. In general, lower cost hooks may not have the tensile strength of higher cost hooks. The manufacturing steps to increase tensile strength cost more, which is often reflected in the price. 3. You can optimize your value by matching the hook quality with the game fish you are chasing. If you think you might hook a 26”trout while fishing. Size 22 midge, tie that midge on a $0.30 Tiemco hook. If you are chasing blue gill, maybe using a $0.10 acme hook is more appropriate.
  2. I love the Gold Fever, baby. The only answer is more cow bell!
  3. I recommend you look into the https://www.identafly.app Identify App. You can take a cellphone picture of the fly and the app will use AI to search the database of flys to identify it. Give it a try.
  4. Phillippe’s Flu-Shot Hook: Size 4 2xl hook, Head: large Brass cone Tail: yellow marabou tail palmered, brown marabou Palmered over the yellow, Body1: pearl ice dub Body2: yellow rabbit strip palmered, Legs: silicone legs Collar: brown schlappen
  5. Just me, some deer and the fishes on the water Thursday in the Colorado Rockies. The fish were dining on cased Caddis and midge patterns, with some Pat’s Rubberlegs occasionally drawing a bite.
  6. Nice popper, that will certainly fish. Note there is a whole thread on this forum on popper finishes at the link https://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/93821-popper-top-coats/
  7. Yes, I see that now. At any rate, it should be fun to fish, and I can use up all those bits of foam!
  8. I find if you feel a short strike, slow your retrieve or stop the fly and let the fish have another go at it. The flies, for me fish well in rivers and lakes, any where I am imitating a bait fish or leech. You can always pinch off a little of the tail on the water if you get a bunch of short strikes and see if you hook more fish. Give em a try and see what the fish think. The fish below was caught on a Humongous Bugger with foam eyes (Humongous Boobie) in a lake.
  9. A really good tie from my perspective. I toss a lot of buggers with tails 1.5 to 2 times the hook shank in lakes and they fish well. The competition crowd call them humongous buggers. Keep up the tying different variation and give the flies a swim with the fishes to see what works for you. Here is a tutorial from Fly Fish Food for the Humongous Bugger. https://www.flyfishfood.com/blogs/stillwater-tutorials/humongous-bugger
  10. I will give this a go with the Get It Down Pat’s Hook: Barbless jig hook, size 10. Bead: Slotted tungsten bead, 5/32, black nickel. Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020. Thread: 6/0 or 140 Denier, black. Body: Variegated Chenille, small, black/coffee. Tails/Legs/Antennae: Barred Sexi-Floss
  11. Firetiger Knucklehead Bugger Hook: size 6 4XL Hook (Daiichi 2220) Thread: UTC 140dn Chartreuse Tail: Marabou Blood Quills, Orange, Yellow, Chartreuse Rib: Copper Wire, Small Body: FNF Jelly Fritz, Chartreuse Hackle: Strung Saddle Hackle or Schlappen Head: 2mm x2 mm foam strips (Alt. Use Fettuccini Foam) Green & Yellow Throat: Senyo Dubbing - Chartreuse Note: Head style from Brian Wise’s Knucklehead flys. What do you all think of the proportions?
  12. Flybox Neon 15 is another brand you can search for.
  13. Callidrangus Hook: Standard Nymph Hook - 14 Thread: Veevus Fly Tying Thread - Dark Tan - 16/0 Tail: Pheasant Center Tails - Natural or CDL saddle feather Bead: Plummeting Tungsten Beads - Copper - 7/64" (2.8mm) Rib: Sulky Metallic Tinsel - Gold (8007) Body: SLF Spikey Squirrel Dubbing - Natural Gray or tan Thorax: Ice Dub - UV Brown or black peacock Soft Hackle: Hen Back or Partridge Hot Spot: Ice Dub - UV Shrimp Pink
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