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  1. Yea i was surprised they stayed in that long.That was a pretty pitiful performance by kentucky.They only shot 38% and 26% of their offensive plays resulted in a turnover that kansas st.scored with. Coach calipari had never lost a sweet 16 game at kentucky and kansas st. had never beat us until last night.They just flat out played us and we just plain sucked.
  2. Send me a pm if you run into anything you cant figure out.I'll be glad to try and help ya.
  3. That is a great set up.That lens is awesome and the 24mp camera gives you plenty of detail for close crops.
  4. Kentucky is one of those teams.I doubt we even fit into the 25%.I remember in the 80's we had some great teams and just about all the players stayed the 4 yrs and got their degree.That was more important to them.Now it seems they can't even get thru a season and the players are trying to go pro.We are famous for the one and done and calipari sets his reputation on it. I doubt there is a reasonably honest program.I think louisville and the others were just the ones that got caught.They have been buying and selling our kids for years. After a terrible season we somehow got lucky and won the SEC championship which automatically put us in the NCAA tournament.We were headed to the NIT.We would be playing UMBC tonight if they had not lost to Kansas st.We have had one of the worst seasons i can remember but somehow we are hanging in like a hair in a biscuit.I just wonder how long the luck is going to last.
  5. Great fly.Looks perfect to me. I tie a bitch creek for panfish and they love them yellow/blk and chartreuse/blk are great too but gotta say the yellow is what they seem to prefer. I have never tried to weave the body though.I cheat and take the easy road.
  6. I started to ask if it was puff paint.That's a great idea and makes good looking eyes. Thank You!
  7. Sweet looking flies! How are the eyes in the background made and do they peel off or cut out?
  8. If you look that member just joined that forum yesterday.First post is to sell a vise for 4K.
  9. Nice flies!Nothing wrong with those.They will fish just fine.
  10. Seems ok today but yesterday it was really slow for me.Could not load the page. It actually timed out waiting for the site to load and brought up the little box saying there was a problem loading and asking if i wanted to wait or cancel. I have anti virus and it does auto scans regular and i have no problems with any other site. But seems ok today so who know's what the heck it was.
  11. https://www.lurecasting.com/collections/fly-tying-tools/products/economic-fly-fishing-tying-vise-for-starters-small-flies-streamside-plain-tying-vise-easy-use-chrome-finish-with-square-base I have never done buisness with this company.Just seen this one online.
  12. PM me your mailing address and i will send you a packet.
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