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  1. Micke.H

    One bug

    Yes ostrich herl is going to work👌
  2. Hi denduke, yes I could do that, you mean for saltwater fishing after sea trout?
  3. I tying my flies on Regal vice😊
  4. Here is one new from my vice, I think the trout going to like it.
  5. Micke.H

    Sea trout flies

    Hi Bimini15, yes its salmo trutta trutta, or in Swedish we only say havsöring.
  6. Micke.H

    Sea trout flies

    Thank you, the red/brown feather is from one gold pheasant skin.
  7. Here is some new pike streamers from my vice, enjoy
  8. Thank you, glad you liked them, good you become inspired, you get to tie up some pike flies now, you can tie this flies on plastic tube or predator hook.
  9. Thank you, yes I think I going to catch some pike whit this flies
  10. Some sea trout patterns from my vice.
  11. Here is new Pike flies I have tied
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