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  1. Great tying there, I love the colours
  2. Thank you, 😀 I'm glad you liked it
  3. Thank you, I think it can deliver😄
  4. Here is another spey fly from my vice, Orange spey. Happy tying Tight lines
  5. Here is two new spey flies I have tied
  6. Yes ostrich herl is going to work👌
  7. Hi denduke, yes I could do that, you mean for saltwater fishing after sea trout?
  8. I tying my flies on Regal vice😊
  9. Here is one new from my vice, I think the trout going to like it.
  10. Hi Bimini15, yes its salmo trutta trutta, or in Swedish we only say havsöring.
  11. Thank you, the red/brown feather is from one gold pheasant skin.
  12. Here is some new pike streamers from my vice, enjoy
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